Herculaneum Tour Starting from Sorrento - SOHD3

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SOHD3 - Herculaneum

  • Duration 5 Hrs (Half Day Tour)

    Available Everyday of the year

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An Exquisite Chance to Visit the Famous Archaeological Excavations & Monuments in Chauffeur Driven Limousines during Sorrento to Herculaneum Tour.

Italy is one of the famous regions of Europe which is known for its marvelous geographical diversity. The wonderful landscapes along with the coastal locations are truly mesmerizing. Sorrento is one popular coastal town that has pleasant beaches. You can relax your mind & soul at this destination that is present in south Italy. Many tourists access a road trip from Sorrento to reach other interesting towns & cities. Benvenuto offers Sorrento to Herculaneum Tour that would be covered in supreme comfort. Our service offers classic luxury vehicles for the tourists. This is an exquisite experience that shouldn’t be missed if you wish to access a road trip. The tour would be completed in four hours crossing some impressive monuments & historical landmarks. You can access this tour package for all days of the week.

To explore Herculaneum, you would have to pay an entrance fee. This cost is not included in the main tour expense. Herculaneum is an ancient Roman city that has now transformed into an archaeological site. In this area you can check out solid traces from the first Greek community that was established in Herculaneum. There are several excavations and mosaics that would surely inspire you about the vibrant culture that existed in the past. Our chauffeur will safely guide you to every important landmark in Herculaneum. These drivers are capable of offering substantial knowledge related to various highlights during the ride. This proves quite advantageous for the travelers. You can trust these chauffeurs as they are well aware of the local routes. The tourists would be cruised quickly to different tourist spots without any delay. Our service also makes sure that the travelers dine at exquisite eateries which service lovely cuisines.

To reach Herculaneum you can select a rich sedan or a minivan. Benvenuto chauffeur service owns Mercedes S-Class and E-Class range of cars that are high on appearance & efficiency. You will enjoy a relaxed drive without any sort of inconvenience. Mercedes V-Class and VW Caravelle minivans can be selected when the number of travelers is up to eight. We also house minibuses for customers who are travelling is a large group. The vehicles are equipped with GPS systems which prove helpful in searching quick routes.

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  • 1-2 Passengers (Sedan)  300
  • 3-4 Passengers (Sedan/Minivan)  350
  • 5-6 Passengers (Minivan)  400
  • 7-8 Passengers (Minivan)  450
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