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  • first and foremost, having benvenuto limos and amalfi coast tours as our drivers made our entire trip to the amalfi coast so incredible. our experience wouldn???t have been as amazing as it was without giovanni, daniella and the entire staff.

    my family (three adult children and two parents) traveled to italy and after a terrible travel day, we were greeted at the train station in naples by roberto and had a wonderful drive to the coast, which was quite refreshing and relaxing after a treturous journey from california.

    we came to italy with very little knowledge of the area and very little planned for the week. giovanni with the assistance of daniella not only provided us with seamless pick up and drop offs throughout the week in their spotless air conditioned cars, but he and his drivers were basically our tour guides each day which made the trip so much better. they planned our itinerary perfectly with their extensive knowledge of the area and connected us to all the best sights, restaurants, and more.

    one day we visited pompeii and herculaneum. they organized for us to have a private guide in both places and we stopped for an amazing lunch at a winery on mount vesuvius during the day. the wine tasting and food was incredible. this was a must all thanks to the benvenuto team.

    one of the most memorable moments was our dinner in positano at a restaurant that is a little bit hidden from the main touristy area, la guarracino. giovanni personally called the restaurant to get us a reservation and gave us recommendations of what to order. the assorted chefs choice sea food plate was one of the best things we???ve ever had and the whole night was so magical.

    this trip was so special and memorable for my family. when it came to an end, we were so sad to say goodbye to giovanni who we???d loved getting to know throughout the week. from the bottom of our hearts, thank you! we owe so much to giovanni, daniella and their amazing drivers roberto, luigi, roberto and eduardo. if you visit the amalfi coast, i wouldn???t recommend anything more than this company.


    San Mateo, United States

  • well benvenuto limos you have definitely outdid youself this time. every one of our transfers from milano, cortona and positano were absolutely first class the whole way...as usual. having done business with you since 2006, i would expect nothing less. giovanni, umberto and pina, you all made my 70th birthday perfect. thank you so much.


    Syracuse, USA

  • just want to say that i have used your wonderful service since 2006 and would never consider using anyone else. as a matter of fact i will be using your service once again in september. will definitely get back to you afterward.

    bunny & al


    Syracuse, USA

  • A person without knowledge of their past history, origin and culture is like a tree without roots. Marcus Garvey

    Every year from the time I was seven years old until I graduated from high school, I spent the entire summers in Schenectady, New York with my maternal grandparents, Carmella (Nan) and Alfredo DiCerbo. Grandpa had come over from Dugenta- a small mountain village near Naples-on the USS Calabria out of Naples in 1900 with his brother, Vincenzo. His family farmed tomatoes and grapes but Alfredo and Vincenzo wanted to find more lucrative work in America. They sold their portion of the farm to relatives and took off for the land of opportunity.

    The brothers married American-born Italian women and settled across the street from one another. They were very close for their entire lives. They often spoke of longing to see their family in Dugenta. Uncle Vincenzo traveled back to Italy several times with his family but my Grandpa never did. He relied on phone calls and letters to stay in touch.

    The happy memories of Grandpa DiCerbo's kindness and fun-loving nature still make me smile. I can still see him sitting on the back porch in the dark on a hot, summer night listening, to the Yankee game on the radio and spewing out his reactions in Italian. He loved his Yankees. He also loved Chester from the TV show, Gunsmoke. The vision of him standing in the living room, mimicking Chester's limp and laughing as his gold capped front tooth glistened still makes me chuckle. But my best memory is of his unbridled excitement when had receive a letter from his family with updates and pictures from the old country. He would get so excited he'd start rattling off something in Italian that I never understood. But I felt his uncontained joy.

    I often wondered how difficult it must have been for him to leave his family at the age of 16 and never see them again.

    For years, I longed to visit Italy myself. Mom's brother and sister, my Uncle Michael and Aunt Rose had traveled to Italy with their families and visited with the extended family several times, bringing back pictures and tales of standing in the bedroom where Grandpa was born. They were greeted with warmth and love.

    On Easter Sunday, they have a tradition of opening the window and raising their glasses of homemade Strega (an Italian Liqueur), sending their blessings to their famiglia in America. Salute!

    I just returned from the land of my grandfather. From 9/9-9/19, my husband Wayne and I traveled to Rome, Pompeii, The Amalfi Coast, Florence and Venice. All spectacular sites to behold. But nothing could compare to the experience of connecting with Grandpa's birthplace and the family he loved so dearly.

    On Friday, September 13 ( no I?m not superstitious!) we rented a limousine from Benevenuto Limousines and a delightful interpretor named Maurizio made my dreams come true. For months before our visit, a lovely lady names Barbara helped me communicate with the family by translating letters. I visited the nieces and nephews of Grandpa DiCerbo in Dugenta and clearly , they were prepared for our visit.

    We walked around what seemed like a self-contained village surrounded by fig and kiwi trees, grapevines and a few chickens wandering around in fenced-in yards. Then, we saw a lady at the window who motioned for us to use the front door. It was Marie, Grandpa's niece. She showed me the bedroom and bed where Grandpa was born.

    The phone started ringing and before we knew it, we were walking down the lane to visit Vittorio and his wife who was wheel-chaired bound. By the time this visit was over, we had been served Expresso coffee and cookies and were off to visit Luigi and his wife, Maria. Within an hour 20 people had shown up at Luigi's house for nonstop hugs and chatter from every direction. Maurizio was very busy!

    Then came the five-course meal:

    Prosuitto and fresh bread

    Pasta with tomato sauce and sides of stuffed peppers and sausage.

    Roast beef that filled each plate and salad.

    Fresh Fruit-nectarines, grapes and figs.

    And of course white wine and lemons from the region.

    I had to keep reminding my husband that refusing any food at an Italian table was not acceptable, I had grown up with these multi-course meals so I knew what to expect. Needless to say, we didn't have to eat again until the next day.

    We shared stories and pictures of our families along with laughter and tears as people streamed in and out. Some were on their lunch hours.

    They opened their hearts to us and showered us with gifts bottles of liqueur, baseball caps, linen table clothes, and a dozen pink roses:

    If I closed my eyes, I was ten years old again, sitting around the table filled with lots of delicious food and feeling the warmth and love of the big Italian family I am blessed to be a part of. And I could see that gold-capped tooth glistening as Grandpa threw his head back and laughed while chattering on in Italian.

    It doesn't get much better than this reconnecting with my roots was truly the highlight of my Italian tour.

    Molto Bello!


    Amsterdam, USA

  • Thank you Benvenuto! We wouldn't want to see Italy without you! We recommend Benvenuto for anyone who prefers to spend their time in Italy sightseeing and getting to their next destination, instead of standing in line for trains, buses or taxis. Your drivers were excellent and always early! Your staff was so very kind and patient as we planned our itinerary several times :). And your prices were fair and affordable! Thanks again! Hope to see you again very soon!!!


    Savannah, USA

  • Thank you Josephine for driving us to and from Napoli Aeroporto. And thanks for many happy laughs and nice chat. Hope to see you soon again.
    Chiao from
    Jonas and Marianne


    Stockholm, Sweden

  • Hi Gianni

    Well done on providing an excellent service for the four of us.

    We were very pleased with the tours you planned and organised for us from the two ports of call of our cruise ship.

    Our full day tour of Rome enabled us to see as many of the sights as
    possible in the day, your driver was excellent. Our full day tour from Naples of Pompeii (with guide), Positano, Amalfi and Ravello was also first class, with thanks to our driver (Gianni's father). It was nice to
    meet you briefly at Amalfi.

    All booked through the Internet - we were not disappointed! Would
    recommend the service to other cruise passengers.

    All the best Ros and Andy Day (England), Pauline and Dave Wood (USA)


    Newport Pagnell, England

  • Thank you for driving us to and from our Hotel in Praiano in September 2002. We found the service to be very professional and it was convenient to arrange via the internet and on e-mail. It was great to be greeted by a smiling face on our arrival at Napoli Centrale!
    We would highly recommend Taxi Benvenuto.
    Best wishes to you.
    Caroline & Martin


    Guildford, England

  • BEST WISHES to the whole family Benvenuto......HAVE A PROSPEROUS YEAR 2003!! Best regards


    zurich, switzerland

  • On behalf of Judy, Aimee, Chris and myself, we would like to thank you for taking such good care of us. We look forward to our return to Positano in
    the future.


    TX, USA