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AC17 - Naples

  • Duration 8 Hrs (Full Day Tour)

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'Bella Napoli’ is a city with many different colors and many different sides, renowned for the character of its friendly people. Naples is a city that should be toured WITHOUT wearing any jewelry, and ladies should not be carrying handbags, though it is a beautiful place there is always a need to be cautious in places with a lot of people. Visit the museum of National Archaeology, cloister of Santa Chiara, the shopping mall “Galleria Umberto”, and theatre of San Carlo. The vacant Royal Palace of the former Royal family rests in Piazza Plebiscito and the castle of Maschio Angioino are also open for viewing. Visit the museum of National Archaeology and the Museum Capodimonte that exhibits works of Renaissance and baroque masters. See the cathedral of San Gennaro, the impressing churches of San Lorenzo and Gesù Nuovo, the charterhouse of San Martino and the cloister of Santa Chiara. There is also the theatre of San Carlo and a nearby bar “Cambrinus” which inherited its name from all the artists that used to drink there after exiting the theatre. Sampling an authentic Neapolitan pizza is recommend the restaurant “Brandi” that is found along the popular shopping street of Via Chiaia.

This tour includes a Professional English-speaking driver. Due to strict Italian laws & regulations that protect officially licensed guides, our drivers can only comment and explain the sights from inside the vehicle and are not allowed to do so once they are outside the vehicle. A guide, where needed, can be hired on request at an extra cost.', 'Like any major city in the world, it is advisable not to wear jewelry, or carry large handbags while touring Naples. Keep your wallets safe.

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  • 1-2 Passengers (Sedan)  525
  • 3-4 Passengers (Sedan/Minivan)  575
  • 5-6 Passengers (Minivan)  625
  • 7-8 Passengers (Minivan)  675
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