Transfer from Sorrento to Herculaneum Enroute to Rome - SPRO2

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SPRO2 - Herculaneum, enroute to Rome

  • Duration 6 Hrs (Full Day Tour)

    Available Everyday of the year

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Delightful Ride in Fully-Loaded Luxury Cars from Sorrento to Herculaneum En-route to Rome Visiting the Preserved Monuments & Sites from the Ancient Roman Era.

Italy is divided into different sections that possess unique beauty. The coastal region of Sorrento is tagged as one of the best scenic towns in Europe. You can access a trip to the southern part of the country which is filled with fun & excitement. A road trip from Sorrento to Herculaneum En-route to Rome is admired by travelers since it showcases numerous attractive destinations. Benvenuto provides chauffeur-driven cars which are loaded with supreme facilities. You will get to experience natural gardens and high cliffs which will later be dominated by the fascinating archaeological sites of Herculaneum and Rome. This tour package can be availed on all days of the year.

During this tour from Sorrento to Herculaneum Enroute to Rome you will have to pay an entrance fee for visiting specific landmarks. Herculaneum is an ancient town which once belonged to the Roman Empire. This region has several excavations that give a good idea about the vibrant Roman culture. The important sites in this area include Village of the Papyri, College of the Augustales and Central Thermae. You will be well informed about the sites during this journey since our chauffeurs will impart substantial details related to all prominent highlights. Each of our drivers can converse in English which is a good service trait while handling international customers. The driver will take care of your needs and will also help you locate the best dining outlets in the vicinity. Dining cost, as well as guide hiring charge is not a part of the total trip expense.

You can visit Herculaneum on the way to Rome starting from Sorrento in superb sedans. We own Mercedes E-Class and Mercedes S-Class sedans which are suitable for two passengers. Mercedes V-Class and VW Caravelle minivans can also be hired from our service. These vehicles can accommodate up to seven passengers. Minibus is another option if you are touring in a larger group. The tour price surely depends on the vehicle you select for covering this distance from Sorrento to Rome via Herculaneum. Highway taxes, parking and fuel charge are part of this tour amount. It is advised that you access this journey during the day which will help you visit maximum destinations.

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  • 1-2 Passengers (Sedan) 755
  • 3-5 Passengers (Sedan/Minivan) 870
  • 6-8 Passengers (Minivan) 960
  • No. of Pax


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