Transfer from Rome to Herculaneum Enroute to Naples - RONA2

Tour Enroute

RONA2 - Herculaneum, enroute to Naples

  • Duration 6 Hrs (Full Day Tour)

    Available Everyday of the year

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Historical Ride from Rome to Herculaneum En-route to Naples Visiting Superb Excavations Famous All Around the Globe Wrapped with Exclusive Services & Offers.

Rome is one of the top regions of Italy that is known for ancient excavations and important monuments. This area is also the capital of the country which attracts a large tourist crowd throughout the year. There are similar historical destinations in Italy that are located close to Rome. You can prefer driving down to these sites which will surely turn up to be exciting. Benvenuto chauffeur service can be selected to travel from Rome to Herculaneum En-route to Naples. This journey will be covered in luxury sedans that are equipped with superb facilities. The trip will last for six hours and will cover each of the major landmarks.

Herculaneum is the first destination which will be reached during this journey. This town was once an active part of the Roman Empire but was demolished due to a volcanic eruption in 79 AD. Tourists visit this area so as to check out different excavations which are truly amusing. You can trust our driver who will tour you to the Village of the Papyri and other important sites present in Herculaneum. The chauffeur will provide substantial information related to the various highlights which can definitely be helpful for you as a tourist. Moreover, our drivers are trained in English which proves beneficial for foreign travelers. On this tour from Rome to Herculaneum Enroute to Naples it is suggested that you wear comfortable and sturdy footwear to ensure that the hike you undertake is. An entrance fee needs to be paid for entering different sections. This charge is not a part of the trip expense.

To reach Herculaneum on the way to Naples starting from Rome you can select a Mercedes or a VW car. Our chauffeur service owns Mercedes S-Class and E-Class sedans that depict style and royalty. For group travels you can select a minivan or a minibus that are perfect for long distances. These vehicles are equipped with navigation systems for making it easy for the drivers. The Benvenuto tour cost majorly relies on the vehicle you choose for travelling. Our service focuses on offering maximum satisfaction to the customers so that their trip is fruitful. This tour package can be opted on any day of the year. The cost of dining and guide hiring is not a part of this package.

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  • 1-2 Passengers (Sedan) 730
  • 3-5 Passengers (Sedan/Minivan) 845
  • 6-8 Passengers (Minivan) 935
  • No. of Pax


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