Transfer from Naples to Pompeii Enroute to Rome - NARO1

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NARO1 - Pompeii, enroute to Rome

  • Duration 6 Hrs (Full Day Tour)

    Available Everyday of the year

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Historical Tour from Naples to Pompeii En-route to Rome with Limousine Chauffeurs Trained to Offer Correct Details Regarding Various Ancient Excavations.

Naples is regarded as one of the most exotic cities of the world. People travel to this area in order to absorb the ancient art & architecture. The backdrop to this city is quite fascinating which shouldn’t be missed by travelers. Pompeii is an ancient Roman town which hides behind Mount Vesuvius. This area is known for its historical landmarks that have been excavated after the volcanic eruption that occurred in 79 AD. In order to explore these marvelous areas, you can opt for our Naples to Pompeii En-route to Rome tour. Benvenuto offers limousine chauffeurs who are capable of touring you to all these important sites without any hassle.

This trip to Pompeii on the way to Romestarting from Naples will surely enlighten you to the core. This region has some attractive churches and theatres that were once a valued possession of the Roman Empire. The Amphitheater of Pompeii and the Temple of Isis are tagged as the most visited tourist sites in this city. A driver can be hired from our service who will guide you to these destinations under a comfortable environment. Each of these chauffeurs speaks English and will impart useful knowledge about the sites visited. These drivers are well aware of the local routes. This will prove as a very good advantage for covering maximum landmarks under the stipulated tour time. For precise knowledge about the sites you can also hire a private guide. The hiring amount will not be included in the tour cost.

The Naples to Pompeii Enroute to Rome tour is available for all days of the week. The level of service offered by us is quite rare which makes us so popular in Italy. There are different packages available that depends on the number of travelers. We possess luxury vehicles from brands like Mercedes and VW. You can select your own ride such as a sedan, minivan or even a minibus. Each of these vehicles is equipped with GPS systems and amenities for making the trip easy and pleasurable. The tour package includes vehicle & driver charge, parking, fuel and highway tolls. The entrance tickets and dining cost are all exclusive.

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  • 1-2 Passengers (Sedan) 790
  • 3-5 Passengers (Sedan/Minivan) 910
  • 6-8 Passengers (Minivan) 1005
  • No. of Pax


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