However, writing multiple articles on the subject (and a song) on how “ugly” they are, for no other reason than you find her abs “icky” is bordering on it. Oct 23, 2015 - Explore UndercoverDreamer's board "Mikasa" on Pinterest. >Character that impressed you t... - "/a/ - Anime & Manga" is 4chan's imageboard dedicated to the discussion of … Moreover, Anime itself makes fun of breast size all the time which is cliche but no one claims that as misogyny. Attack on Titan has a cool and wide cast of characters, which left a strong impact on viewers, but there are a few that stand out from the rest.The notable ones are Levi, Erwin, Kenny, and Mikasa, having performed feats that seem unachievable by the average person. That disgusting abs on the horizon. Mikasa’s abs are just as awesome as she is. Seriously, let it go. [Spoilers][Rewatch] Shingeki no Kyojin/Attack on Titan - OVA 2 (An Unexpected Visitor) Discussion. That titan juice grew him abs … Kodansha , $12.99 Rebecca: Of course, if you really want a trip down childhood memory lane, there's always the AoT adult coloring book! We take that as comedy but when I’m making fun of abs on women, suddenly outcry of misogyny, as if some feminazis have picked on me. They way you talk about women demonstrates you have no idea what feminism is. It is great she is not just another cookie-cutter moe fanboy dream girl. But 17 forever is praised by Inoue Kikuko. AOT is like a revival of the Fist Of the North Star, that gruesome style of the 80s, so rather anachronistic to me. HD and Free Attack On Titan Season 2 Episodes at Raiding Guild Shares Their Story With The Game's Rich Meme Culture . Mikasa’s abs are super hot and so were Sarah Conner’s muscles, you must not like strong women. Bertholdt is no exception. The original video animation (OVA) episodes are special episodes that were not aired during the original season but released alongside select volumes of the manga. 1 U.S. I feel like there is more variety in the bodies/faces in general, compared to most anime. I love girls more than anyone else. Furthermore it when speaking about her abs, it’s a functional piece of the character, you would prefer an aesthetic difference, that’s the core issue. Those abs are awesome! But the manga cements Mikasa and Armin as the most important people in Eren’s life, especially when it is revealed that the Attack Titan’s inheritors gain access to the past and future memories of the inheritors. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts, Here's a drawing of Mikasa by Isayama in one of the volumes, another one that made it to the cover of Bessatsu. Yes, that you want to unite, become one. Ok, well, I’m as naive as 17 years old boy without any sexual social experiences. And I don’t think me perceiving her abs as ugly is misogynist or sexist or anything bad, I just have a different taste from yours which is expressed in a form of lyrics in this article at this time. To me it is abs but only that part of mikasa i dont like. Get hooked on Moe. But I do think her abs are a little too defined. Attack on Titan anime. It’s four hours later… and Armin is totally ripped! Whereas, Mikasa simply wishes to be close to an oblivious Eren. So I’m totally feminist. RELATED: Attack On Titan: 10 Hilarious Eren Memes. I. Mikasa’s Importance. and just having fun by writing lyrics, kind of doujin or fan art piece. Today we enter… the basement! How can I be a misogynist then? Yes I’m like “faceless” from Spirited Away, always craving for girls love, even just a little friendship. These are active, athletic, and strong women, and their bodies should reflect that. Moe characters are pretty much just toys or puppets for people to use, so I’m glad that the author of AOT didn’t decide to go that route…not to mention the character designs in general are far more interesting than most manga artists. Hourou Musuko was a great anime written by Mari Okada, I identify myself with that cross-dressing boy. Abs are a universal feature of all the scouts- Mikasa, Eren, Armin, and Levi have them. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the ShingekiNoKyojin community. Krista is strong because she graduated as one of the top ten of the 104 alumni. A subreddit for fans of the anime/manga "Attack on Titan" (known as "Shingeki no Kyojin" in Japan), by Hajime Isayama. I can't remember the abs appearing directly in the manga or the anime though. You’re defining and placing very strict views on women to fit a role as if that’s their sole purpose.. That’s ridiculous and exceptionally definitive of misoginistic, not to mention the shaming, hate and general “distaste”. Never dreamed of seeing this in the form of anime! A refugee from Japan. Archived ... MIKASA'S ABS! Mikasa is a fairly tall, physically fit, and well-toned woman with muscles lined throughout her arms, legs, and abs. But rather I’m misoandrist. no revenue gained for him. Terminator 2 just gave me the same repulsiveness Shubirapapayaya look at him call someone a “feminazi” for calling out his sexist behaviour, watch as he continues to defend himself from the horrible persecution of….someone seeing misogyny and explaining to him where he went wrong. japan is too skinshipless country which i think is a bit pathologically mysophobic. Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 1 >Thoughts on OP? Posted by 3 years ago. She needs those abs to survive. shake head. Otherwise please cover that shit! *AOT SPOILERS* Flamechamp2333: 3: 12/8 3:06AM: Shingeki no Kyojin/Attack on Titan ep. I’m a feminist. It adds to her character, the hostile environment she lives in, and the uniqueness of the show. I really don't know how people around here like you. Attack on Titan Season 3 is licensed by Funimation. >Thoughts on EP? They can be soldiers, or even become President, and they can even marry same sex. Many misogynists are absolutists/extremists in nature. So I’m feminist because I love girls. Mikasa is strong All you do every day is shittalk every character except for Annie, which is the character you have an unreasonable love for. Mikasa is a fairly tall, physically fit, and well-toned woman with muscles lined throughout her arms, legs, and abs. Hope this clears up why I wrote these articles. Watch Attack on titan / Shingeki no Kyojin Season 2. Attack on Titan Season 2 Episode 11 has just aired, and it proved to be the critically-acclaimed anime series’ best episode to date. Attack on titan Season 3 Episode 10 ... attack on titan shingeki no kyojin snk aot aot season 3 snk season 3 snk s3 aot s3 levi ackerman levi heichou mikasa ackerman eren yeager historia reiss eren jaeger armin arlert jean kirschtein connie springer sasha braus fave. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. but AOT is still redeemable because there is a moe character that I want to get married, just show her more! There was no way that Annie could tell her to stop babying Lotte and just let her fend for herself, the girl was independent for the most part afterall although she needed their help with some things. Yes, I’m exactly the same way you feel! i love mikasa but just like for anybody you love someone but at the same you hate some part of her. Btw, this article itself is a joke. Mikasa is a freak who trains very hard. I was going to program Megurine Luka for this song, but got busy with capitalism lately, but later at some point I will post it with a Luka version, but anyway here is the lyrics: Mikasa the cutest girl that I had ever seen How come if I hate abs, then that becomes misogyny? I just don’t like her abs, that’s all. Anime the 2D world that I could only depend Yes, gekiga, like Golgo 13, looks too serious. Or go to maid cafe in Akihabara because in reality or 3d, no girl smiles at me and gives me warmth with welcoming attitude. Eating it right about anime and manga since 2006! And this goes for other shows too. People hate girls are called misogynist. Her face is really swooning beauty, mix of Asian and Caucasian, a half tends to get the best out of two parents. For Mikasa, it actually makes sense and fits her perfectly. His sincere animosity toward the fact a fictional female character isn’t physically depicted how he would want her is abhorrent to say the least. On the contrary, I almost declared Mikasa to be my wife, I fell in love with her, so it was kind of betrayal because I didn’t know she was that muscular, particularly her abs, it was deceptive in a way (from my perspective), that’s why it was utterly shocking to me as a moe pig. Overall a ... because what we saw that he seems to regret his yelling at her by the end of the episode. AX and SDCC Cancel; Anime Lockdown Steps Up? Till I saw her working out without any uniform, Mikasa Mikasa It was narrated by Jon Bailey as Epic Voice Guy. And I’m not denying her to have muscular abs. No moe element at all. You know I didn’t mean to cause a serious debate, just wrote what I felt frankly. She is of partial Asian heritage, with pale skin, gray eyes, and shaggy black hair that was long until she cut it to chin-length. This is a list of all the OVA episodes from the Attack on Titan anime. I may plan to write more articles about Krista instead because she’s really an angel. There are only two articles I wrote about her abs so far, and the next article will be the last one, since I plan to program this song with Megurine Luka. Mikasa’s six pack abs I never wanna see — The very questionable “wife” role is very much misoginistic, whether or not you realize that. buhi (oink)! HNNNNNGHHH. Annoying as hell. And that abs inspired me to write lyrics, so actually her abs were inspirational to me. And you personally know me very well, I’m a moe pig who oinks to have fun. Her eyes are very cold I see this meme often but haven't seen anything related to Mikasa's abs in the anime or Manga. Mikasa is a freak. Your justifications are extremely bad and you keep ruining the mood in every thread that's not about Annie. We live in a world where people come in all shapes and sizes. A decision with no regrets. Sara Conner freaked me out with over-muscularness So, as an aspiring lyricist, it was urgent to have a song produced to express this shockness. Eat the right kind of food and do some exercise. I do not own Attack on Titan ect ect. I regret I was born too masculine. From the moment the episode began to the moment it ended, AoT Season 2 Ep 11 was nothing less than a crazy ride. Story-wise it makes sense for Mikasa to look the way she does. The most shocking thing from that anime, I mean the most shocking thing happened to me in my entire moe life. Not a misogynist. happy to not be giving this dude any money. But even skinship is not allowed at maid cafe in japan so i rather hug real girls in usa. This is 21 century, they can be anything they want. That doesn’t make any sense. This other person claiming “me” to be misoginistic also has no idea what they’re talking about, furthermore your use of “fem-nazi” (ie: ad hominem) is equally as demonstrable of your ignorance in regards to this topic. sounds feminazi to attack that as sexist, which doesn’t help anything to promote equality and gay rights. Still I don’t see why making fun of her abs will make me misogynist. No more DADT and DOMA. She is so damn cute. I crave for their attention but so far no girl has returned their love to me so that has made me into kimo-ota having moe on unreal girls and going buhi(oink) over them as a perorist moe pig. But beautifugly, because of six pack abs. Coz they never wanna see I don’t like muscular body in general not just for women in particular. Ah, don’t wear bikini, Not finding her abs attractive in itself is not misogynist or sexist. We can see she got muscle on her legs. on Attack On Titan: Ode to Mikasa’s 6 pack abs. This is not to deconstruct or any philosophical statement here, but rather philogynical prose. nobody has attacked me when I say I don’t like over-muscularness on guys, but when I say I don’t like over-muscularness on women, especially Mikasa, why suddenly sexist behavior? Yes I’m philogynist. ... lighting-give-me-abs liked this Dec 3, 2020 - Explore Queen Elsa of Arendelle 's board "Eren x Mikasa", followed by 1739 people on Pinterest. I’m talking about the difference between aesthetic appeal and function.. Anyways, in the real world, we should always take good care of our body. It’s just her abs that I have trouble with. However when it came to Lotte, she was fragile almost like glass. It serves no purpose but to insight negativity about the female body because it doesn’t fit “your” needs or wants. St. Valentine's Day, Capitalist Dog conspiracy. after seeing the comment count skyrocket I knew it was because you said something. Why are you arguing seriously like a femi-nazi? Honest Trailers Anime - Attack on Titan is the 4th episode of Screen Junkies spinoff series Honest Trailers Anime. not philololist though but perorist moe pig. By the year 854, her hair is shorter and cut up to back of her neck, but with noticeably longer bangs. If they were to decide to make the Major in GitS a bit more buff, or even Revy in Black Lagoon, would you have a problem with that too? So, as an aspiring lyricist, it was urgent to have a song produced to express this shockness. It was originally exclusive to the paid subscription service Screen Junkies Plus. And I agree with your sentiment that her physique is one specifically adapted to her very FUNCTIONAL role. See more ideas about mikasa, attack on titan, eremika. Some people believe Mikasa Ackerman doesn't … Anyone who goes through the tough training to become a scout has to be stout and well built. I think if you dialed it (mikasa’s abs hate) down a bit…their reaction would be less severe. spoiler. I hate men, and I myself is a man, thus I hate myself. Mr Lame-o indeed. But males generally have far less bodyfat than women which makes these muslces visible (I bodybuild, muscle definition, especially in the abdomen is all about low bodyfat, not muscular size). Your obsession that her fictional body doesn’t meet your standards of beauty is starting to border on misogynistic. She is living in a world where there are gigantic monstrosities running amok, and she is with an army to try and save humanity. In universe explanation would probably be that 1. 60 *spoilers* Anime: pokedude900: 115: 12/8 1:34AM: Confused after watching latest attack on titan episode. I wish I was born girl, or at least a boy with feminine face like Armin of Attack On Titan or Rukako of Steins;gate, I wish my face was as feminine as theirs so I could crossplay really well at cons. Attack on Titan Adult Coloring Book by Hajime Isayama. Before joining the Yeager family, Mikasa appeared to be a cheerful, outgoing, and gentle child. On the month of June of 2017, the attack on titan third season was declared at the final episode of the second season. This guy is a joke. In Episode 7, Mikasa is saved from certain doom after she runs out of gas for her maneuver system by the Rogue Titan who kills a Titan approaching her. I love woman but not abs. Close. In the case of Attack on Titan, we get some powerful female roles, yet this post suggests we deconstruct them down to visual components because it doesn’t appease his fantasy ideal woman. There is a small scar below her right eye delivered by Eren's Titan during the Battle of Trost District. Attack On Titan, really gross, probably the nastiest gruesome anime I’ve ever seen.The only reason I’ve been watching this show is Mikasa. Why can’t there be one that has a little more meat to her? See more ideas about Mikasa, Anime, Attack on titan anime. I feel like it's become a bit of a joke now. In this series of episodes about the trailer, I’ll continue chilling out and sharing some theories, observations, questions, and general thoughts I have as an “anime-mostly” fan as we examine the Season 4 trailer and consider the 3 seasons of storyline that led up to this moment. Feminism is philogyny. So, just take it light-heartedly and laugh it off. Her face is OMG, swooning…, she is a half Asian and half Caucasian, a half usually gets the best out of two parents, until I … Japan to Lead the Way in Singularity Dystopian Future, Obama Declares it Legal to Marry 2D Fictional Characters in the US, Attack On Titan: Mikasa is shockingly beautifugly. So laugh. If you notice men are often depicted in the role of “functional” in most media portrayal and females tend to be the attainable love or object. Attack On Titan: Ode to Mikasa’s 6 pack abs. She should stay the way she is, makes sense, she’s still smexii <3 <3. Ah, Mikasa is cute Shubirapapayaya Who cares. To me, it’s ugly, just like Sarah Conner’s muscles from T2. It parodies the Japanese anime series Attack on Titan (2013). Watch and Download Shingeki no Kyojin / Attack on Titan English Subbed and Dubbed Episodes Online. You’re right. The love and longing for girls but its lack of skinship has made me into otaku and go for 2d girls without skinship but virtual skinship inside my head or fantasy which chain of action is called moe moe kyun♥!so i am fundamentally philogynist. Bertholdt is looking cool and really handsome in this fanart by SimelaSlt. 1. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! Attack on Titan Chronicle Movie: TboiGreezy: 2: 12/7 10:55AM: Attack on Titan/Shingeki no Kyojin Final Season ep. It was first published on March 25, 2017. Advanced ... Episodes; The Meme Store; WoW's No. He is a fan of MMA so I'm not surprised. [display_podcast]As I wrote before, Mikasa’s abs were shocking, even more shocking than cannibalism from Attack On Titan. Mikasa was by no means a fragile person, she was very tough and she had the abs to prove it. Here's a drawing of Mikasa by Isayama in one of the volumes, another one that made it to the cover of Bessatsu, a fake preview, and one from the guidebook. Young teacher, schoolboy fantasy. Sara, I love girls more than anybody else so I can’t be misogynist. 93. Attack on Titan / Shingeki No Kyojin - Mikasa Yeah, you have your opinion, but you don’t get to stroll around acting like the fact that its an opinion doesn’t make you free from scrutiny or rebuke. . Besides, her abs are toned but not super defined toned > w >. You sound like you’re misogynistic. Misaka is horribly beautiful. Just feeling shocked from her abs so wrote lyrics about that. But males generally have far less bodyfat than women which makes these muslces visible (I bodybuild, muscle definition, especially in the abdomen is all about low bodyfat, not muscular size). ← Nobuo Uematsu’s Pinocchio take in Blink-0 1946, Otakon 2013: Official Press Release from Yoko Kanno →, Attack on Youth - The Story of a Noble Horse | Project Otaku, The Underrated “Book Love” by Debbie Tung, Examining Raqiya : The New Book of Revelation. Okay, now that the recap is done, let me get this out of the way first. Why must all anime girls be the same recycled moe tropes again and again? Kamisama Dolls episode 7. It is your opinion. The amount of hate you have for Mikasa is During the first compilation anime series of attack on titan on the month of November 2014 and the director confirmed that the next season of … But yeah…ah…still she is sexy…Thanks for the comment. I think the reason people are calling you misogynist is because your reaction to her abs is too…absolute. I love Mikasa except for her abs. Levi saves Eren, Armin, and Mikasa in Episode 13 shortly after Armin manages to get Eren secured. it doesn’t make sense at all. In the manga, Mikasa underwent a painful scarring ritual from her mother, who cut into her skin the mark of their Asian clan. I don’t think moe characters are just toys if you are refering to moe figures or dakimakura. come laugh at a dude who needs to write a song cuz girls without flat stomachs scare him. This is really it, we have come far and this has been our destination since basically the beginning of the show. that you forget about cold reality that you can’t change. Episode 1: 1 "To You, in 2000 Years -The Fall of Shiganshina, Part 1-". The Attack on Titan manga and anime series feature an extensive cast of fictional characters created by Hajime Isayama. Don’t expose your abs Eren and some other guys in the series have been shown to have abs too. And 2. Eren and some other guys in the series have been shown to have abs too. I hate steroid showered muscles in general like Fist of North Star, not particularly on women. Press J to jump to the feed. I think it is because of everyday exercise, eating the right kind of foods and taking good care of their body. Get use to him in the 2nd cour, people. So a they mistakenly draw a parallel between you and those misogynists. Images below for 6 pack abs fetishists. That eyecatch of Erwin in casual clothes just lying down reading something was so random I couldn't help but giggle. Moe is opium? Twitter: @MonsieurLamoe. I love Mikasa, she’s so damn cool, such a badass, and she’s super cute. Well, I’m on the side that doesn’t like the abtasticness of Mikasa. As a soldier, you are expected to be fit, strong, and be ready for anything. Making Mikasa look like the damsel in distress does not fit her role in the anime at all, she has to have abs so she can survive, she has to be physically fit and strong so she can fight Titans. The most shocking thing from that anime, I mean the most shocking thing happened to me in my entire moe life. Feel so good. But only her abs are ugly, other than that, she is amazing. He manages to kill two of her abductors, but needs to be rescued from the third by Mikasa. And I’m a feminist because I love women more than anybody do. See more ideas about Mikasa, Attack on titan, Titans. When it comes to Attack on Titan, the most popular coupling lies with Eren Yeager and Mikasa, but it doesn’t look like the series’ creator is totally behind the pairing.