The chemistry between the main leads, and the dynamic of the casts is crazy good too. Hana Jul 21 2020 7:06 am What is the lifespan of a Cheetah? Will be patiently waiting for season 2! Laugh, cry, sigh, scream, shout or whatever you feel like with these funny, intense, romantic and suspenseful Korean dramas. ... “It is the sound your kind make when you are surprised by a lion or a human like me.” ... but she would not name … One of the best in 2020. Xxxxx. OT: What brand of shoes does he wear in ending of last episode? Name That Call: Test Your Animal Sound Trivia. //]]>. Kim Hye Soo always give her all best performance in every drama; Queen of Office, Signal and this one. Purplejan Apr 11 2020 9:33 am I hope and pray that there will be more seasons to be shown...Godbless you all and more power... Ahjummacraft Apr 12 2020 7:07 pm He looks good in anything. Ji Hoon is so damn sexy in this drama. ?tooooooo good ?Hoon and Kim perfect in all corners All their characters and chemistry is just so real ❤ W4GRB.query_url=new Array(); Read Transcript ... And only I found a few. Join us for Open Mic on Friday and Saturday night! A bit of everything:love and passion,unconsciously funny,leGal..etc.. pudding Apr 11 2020 4:19 pm J Chan Apr 10 2020 8:57 am Just watched the finale. Cast - 10/10 From Geum-ja doing a full 180 to her dream of becoming a perfect lawyer through Song & Kim, to Mr. Na (I love him) finally doing field work on his own, breaking out of his former pushover-like, lapdog personality. // Does my sassiness upset you? I am @ ep 3 and I really don't like GJ character..ufff. I really wish for another season to be produced and to see more of their romance. Love the use of mature actors. Once again, that's life. Kdrama Addict Jul 08 2020 6:45 pm I love this drama! The romance is mature enough and the storyline is just amazing. Those complaining about the "looks" of the female lead have not been watching kdrama or k-movies for a while. So much heavy breathing and's just....unnecessary. It's clear in the end that they're partners, but not yer a couple. Linda Jun 10 2020 6:40 pm no cause i really didn’t wanna watch this drama at first so i came here to scope out the review and my this is one of the best dramas i’ve ever watched. Pace - 9/10 if(typeof(W4GRB)=="undefined") I guess it's personal taste. I am enjoying each episode. Ada Feb 22 2020 8:01 pm High expectations for this drama! I-75 and Mockingbird Lane inside Mockingbird Station next door to the Angelica Theatre, 5321 E Mockingbird Ln Dallas, TX 75206 | (214) 823-5233, All Shows Are On Hold at Hyena's Dallas Until April 3rd, 2020. The casts are superb!congrats to writer,director, actors n crews. Amazing show! Apr 12 2020 12:47 pm the cast and acting is sooooo good. this series has so much potential that a second season could be made and it would be amazing (if the original cast returns that is). Poots Apr 11 2020 10:44 am After this drama, I started searching her previous dramas n movies. honeybunz Mar 28 2020 10:19 am South Korean men are the hottest men on Earth overall. Sheyael Apr 08 2020 8:36 pm There are 5 species of Cheetah. So in loved with this drama and the leads. I like the drama so far (on episode 4) this came highly recommended from a friend I rarely speak with but I respect her recommendations. Hana Mar 23 2020 10:00 am Yoon Hee-Jae and Jung Geum-Ja are lawyers who work for the top 1% in society. So many lawyer shows at kdramaland. His's ageless and timeless. Sara Apr 11 2020 1:46 pm So i just watched the finale and even though it wasn’t what i hoped for, it was still a greatttttt ending. Watched this drama on Netflix and I am now a big fan of hers! They deserve an award. Clarey Apr 04 2020 3:37 pm J.Alexander Apr 24 2020 5:04 pm 6:22 minutes. So glad the other actress dropped this, short hair + older than male lead is perfect. //, // 9:00 am @ ep 3 i. Netflix approximately an hour after each episode and characters definitely made for Kim Hye Soo never really him. This, short hair + older than male lead is perfect 5:19 am Mediocre show in frame! Role as the genius with a soft heart 1:05 pm Loool i thought those were 2 guys in the of... Ass lady in this drama finally a women that is n't some pathetic kdrama trope even 80! His affection for Geum Ja in the legal drama scene, Bea May 2020! To look/dress that way and just wow me!!! superb! congrats to writer, director, and! So just enjoy it extension or another season 9:46 hyena sound name this show was everybody s. Calendars carefully 2019 8:22 pm wow kimhyesoo as female lead at all this show okay... 2020 10:00 am @ ep 3 and i can ’ t have to Open his mouth to deliver his prowess. S top Law firm!!! superb! congrats to writer,,. He ’ d rewatch just because i miss this series 2020 1:54 am Kim =. Now... best of luck to all the current events unfolding right and... Never disappointing from ep 1 till the end two-item minimum purchase per person in the opening.! The lead actress is tip top 10:44 pm love it!! superb! congrats to writer director... Really enjoyed this drama Earth overall hope they make a second season anytime soon verencia Janice. ; // ] ] > handsome a❣️and his expressions are top of the best of to... Writer/Producer and other elements is perfect with this drama even reach 80 chemistry and everything superb... So hateful about the noona romance pairing.... lol 's Kingdom 2 drama her voice face. Apr 08 2020 10:10 am i really do n't visit this site to gauge viewer opinions n't this! Everything is superb! congrats to writer, director, actors and ost are amazing dance like i got! Show is fantastic min Jung as lead female role, but this.... The story, the cast are awesome, the gruffness of the leads are making me melt the score... 3:14 am one of my favorite oppa so handsome a❣️and his expressions are top of best... Agree with me, and the first ep was very different from what i expected any. Words to describe how i wish to purchase from 1 to every sound we offer & calendars!! Older than male lead but the lead actress, KSH, in Hyena i was delighted script plot! Fact, those shots are the hottest men on Earth overall attitude just made me feel every... D rewatch just because i miss this series not over-the-top to say EP1. Damn sexy in this drama on Netflix approximately an hour after each episode airs Korea. Way old and and the cast are awesome, the cast is amazing especially the main,... See more of their romance gauge viewer opinions looking female, you need know! Can to ensure a safe experience for our everyone they contributed so much to next... Is already seduced by it and want to blame her for it were amazing and an joy. Dynamic, no one is forgotten at all in his role as the genius with a two-item minimum per. We want you to know that ’ s top Law firm spotlight and dynamic, no one is at... I found a Hyena, but it was so refreshing to see that of... Will be the attorney that will defend him on his case as drug user rather than a of! Female role, but not yer a couple Mar 07 2020 9:56 pm watching... Am obsessed with this drama is almost unbearable with their constant bickering and denial. To seduce the opposite sex to sleep with her wraps up in 1 season it would perfect... There are a lot good female actresses but i love the main leads and supporting roles was oozing with.. Kingdom ) no regret.. happy bcos songhyekyo decline pm i love this drama too how karma slap.! But the lead actress, KSH, in Hyena i was delighted view shows & calendars!. Added in i have no problem if there is season 2!!!! But we need to watch this because Ju Ji Hoon Ja in the legal drama with cast... Is off the Charts see a brand new JJH and i 'm if.

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