ecobee also works with platforms you already know and love, so you can control your lights, temperature, and more. Dear Ecobee, please please please give us a way to control and turn off rounding entirely. Retail is 300$ plus taxes. With their 4th generation model, Ecobee has released their best smart thermostat to date. The Ecobee requires dedicated power wire from your central air system in order to run, and the Nest does not. I check the HVAC and find that the yellow wire is connected in series with the condensate pump. Oddly, the calibration feature doesn’t extend to the sensors (launched last year) that you can buy and put throughout your home. Phone. 3.6 out of 5 stars 340. Microsoft may earn an Affiliate Commission if you purchase something through recommended links in this article. Third-party apps like are far better for going through all the data it gathers. We apologize for the error. "I love my ecobee thermostats - I have two and in the first year of having them I saved enough money on my oil bill to pay for my thermostat.". If you can follow instructions when building Legos, it’s not that difficult to set up the adapter. All you have to do is ask. If you read just about any smart thermostat review, you’ll see these two almost always come out on top. View Map. ecobee ecobee4 Thermostat – thermostats: Bricolage Choisir vos préférences en matière de cookies Nous utilisons des cookies et des outils similaires pour faciliter vos achats, fournir nos services, pour comprendre comment les clients utilisent nos services afin de pouvoir apporter des améliorations, et pour présenter des annonces. r/ecobee. No other thermostat can do what this one…, 25 Dockside Drive, Suite 700 Toronto, ON M5A 0B5View Map, 1-877-932-6233 (Toll Free)1-647-428-2220 (International), Mon-Fri (8am – 11pm EST)Sat-Sun (9am – 9pm EST), December 24: 8am - 8pm ESTDecember 25: CLOSEDDecember 26: 9am - 9pm ESTDecember 31: 8am - 8pm ESTJanuary 1: 9am - 9pm EST, Privacy PolicyReseller TermsTerms of SaleAccessibility, Smart home devices and thermostats | ecobee. Price is firm. Apple iPad 6th génération 9.7 wifi+LTE 32Go. In stock on February 8, 2021. The mother looks up, and puts her phone back into her purse as on the left side of the screen the kids close the door and leave the house. A high-resolution colour display and intuitive user interface make ecobee thermostats a pleasure to use. You can see why I decided to try out the latter. 1-877-932-6233 (Toll Free) 1-647-428-2220 (International) 1-877-932-6233 (Toll Free) 1-647-428-2220 (International) Contact us. Other devices are controlled solely through the app or web portal. To get full remote access to your ecobee using the mobile app or web portal, you'll have to register your ecobee first. Achetez une auto, trouvez un emploi, une maison ou un appartement, des meubles, appareils électroménagers et plus! I always had a programmable thermostat, but I really didn't utilize it because it was so hard to program. We offer residential and commercial solutions that deliver meaningful savings and meet ENERGY STAR® specifications, without compromising comfort, with best-in-class customer service and insight into customer behavior and energy use. But i am starting to see some savings already. Technology that works for you. The Ecobee 4 features a responsive touchscreen display, a remote sensor, as well as a number of additional features, including a built-in Amazon Alexa speaker. Some controls are only on the thermostat and that’s annoying. The ecobee and Nest are widely considered the best two smart thermostats available. 200,00 $ IPad 2nd génération good as new Ouest de l’Île 17-novembre-20. Nest Learning Thermostat Third Generation. "I’ve had my ecobee for about six months now. With my Ecobee and a new system i am seeing it running about 2-3 hours a day. As soon as I’m within distance of the house again the camera turns off and the AC cranks on—leaving me nice and cool when I stagger through the door. Our commitment to quality design and technological innovation help us deliver a phenomenal customer experience every time. ecobee is a tremendous and efficient way to be energy conscious! So I’d call that a win. Échange ÉCHANGERAIS IPHONE 7+ POUR IPAD 7 Ville de Québec Il y a moins de 10 heures. iPod touch 32gb 6th generation, Gray, Griffin Survivor case Ouest de l’Île 17-novembre-20. App $0.99 $ 0. I checked the pump level and find that it is full. ecobee can be installed by most consumers in 45 minutes or less. Ecobee has long been “the other” of the smart thermostat options. iPad 6th génération wifi + LTE ... Apple iPad 10.2 32GB with Wi-Fi & 4G LTE (8th Generation) - Space Grey Best Buy 599,99 $ Favori. Despite the Ecobee not working any miracles and not fixing pre-existing issues with my own central A/C system, I still find myself totally enamored with it. Sales Hours. It's really only been running the heat for a week or so. r/ecobee: A subreddit for ecobee and all their smart home products. Super reliable and convenient! I did misread a label on the AC itself and connected one wire incorrectly. ecobee improves everyday life, while creating a more sustainable world. Thankfully, it was simply a matter of switching a wire—which I did in about five minutes the next morning. Savings is the real appeal of a smart thermostat. It’s the same price as a Nest, but works with more stuff and should be better about your data because it’s not owned by Google. That led to an instance where one of the sensors Ecobee provided didn’t match a temperature gauge I had on hand, resulting in the AC firing on more often than it should. I power cycle the hole AC system but it is still not working. Send us a message. Page 1 ©2010 ecobee 333 Adelaide Street West | 6th Floor Toronto | Ontario | M5V 1R5 | Canada toll free 1.877.932.6233 SMART THERMOSTAT User Manual UM … Mon-Fri (9am - 5pm EST) Support Hours . ecobee’s DataRhythm™ Technology uses advanced algorithms that incorporate live local weather with a home’s unique energy profile to optimize energy savings for your customers. If you’re ready to do away with your ugly old thermostat or have been made wary of maintaining investment in your Nest one, then the Ecobee SmartThermostat is an absolute winner. Or if you spend all day in your office you probably don’t need to worry about cooling the bedroom so you can have that zone only be monitored at bedtime. Has anyone heard any news about a v2 of the Switch+ coming out? I’ve found myself happily ushered into a smart home future that will hopefully keep my air conditioner uptime under control, but I’ve also discovered some annoying limitations. But, again, it actually works with Apple Home out of the box, and the latest version of the SmartThermostat launched in 2019 comes with an intercom function and Alexa built right in, too. That’s not Ecobee’s fault; it can’t do anything about too-small vents that are poorly positioned and installed. En parfaite condition. You can opt for a “smart” thermostat from traditional thermostat makers like Honeywell, but will be stuck with a device that lacks all the cool algorithms and slick features of the Nest. You’ll still need a properly maintained system, blackout or insulated curtains, and plenty of ceiling fans. 75,00 $ Kobo Arc Touch Tablets, 7" Android, Black, White, 16GB/32GB/64GB Ville de Montréal Il y a moins de 10 heures. Or you can spend a little extra and get an Ecobee, which uses algorithms like a Nest does, works with every major smart home hub, including Apple Home, which Nest does not, and actually secures your data. With our utility-specific API, you can design cost-effective programs that allow you to engage with customers more intelligently and measure results in real time. For those that prefer the support of a professional, ecobee has an extensive network of HVAC channel and ecosystem partners that can provide a turnkey solution for your project. Unfortunately, I live in an NYC apartment which means my central air wasn’t installed correctly and it’s a struggle to keep it maintained by my building properly. The sensors allow you to set up “zones” and also monitor the occupancy of a room. The ecobee logo and name appear in the bubble, along with the words ‘Activity Alert’, ‘Monitoring automatically set to Disarmed by Jelani’. Jan 31, 2016. The $250 Ecobee SmartThermostat is one of my favorite gadgets in my new home, but I’m still not sure how much money I’m actually saving. You can ask Alexa to adjust your thermostat settings giving you hands-free control over all of your favorite settings. Buy Ecobee SmartThermostat for $233 from Amazon - G/O Media may get a commission. Built-in Alexa can be a useful feature for some, but adding it is frankly a mistake that’s at odds with the company’s mission statement and I hope it disappears from the next version. When it comes to making your thermostat smarter, your choices are limited. Vient avec étui et tous les accessoires et la boîte. I feel like it’s definitely helped, and for $250, it makes a lot of sense. Phone. $231.99. All ecobee products are built to last and are backed by our industry-leading 3-year warranty and knowledgeable and helpful customer support. My furnace and Ecobee is still new. I’ve only been in this apartment a few months so I can’t say just how successful the Ecobee has been at keeping energy costs down, either. But hopping into the app shows me the average run time for my central air, at least, and better yet it lets me control the whole system from my iPhone, iPad, and even my Apple Watch (Nest lost this function a while ago). Do not try to play music, though—you’ll be disappointed. So think of the Ecobee as a Nest, but a little uglier, works with more stuff, and potentially manages privacy better. From afar, the Ecobee thermostat doesn’t look bad. Favori. The 4th generation of the Ecobee smart home thermostat brings all of the things we loved about the last generation and adds Alexa to it. They’re meant to better learn your behaviors so they can run less when they know the temperature outside is about to drop, or turn off entirely when you’re away. The Nest is the well-respected champion of smart thermostats, and that’s why Google snapped up the company in 2014 and began integrating it into its own smart home ecosystem. Send us a message. The Good Ecobee's $249 Ecobee4 Smart Thermostat has a responsive display, a remote sensor and tons of … My power company’s app says I’m about average in energy use—which I personally find impressive given all my windows are east or west facing. So my bedroom’s airflow isn’t as powerful as the living room’s and the AC has to run longer to cool it to the same temperature. I don’t have exact proof it’s saved me money, but I spend half as much on electricity as I did at my old place, and my A/C kicks on less often than it sounds like other people’s do (at least according to forums dedicated to min/maxing your central air system). Mon-Fri (8am – 11pm EST) Sat-Sun (9am – 9pm EST) Holiday hours. 185,00 $ iPad Air - Space Grey - 32gb - Wifi + Cell Ville de Montréal Il y a moins de 47 minutes. 25 Dockside Drive, Suite 700 Toronto, ON M5A 0B5. also recommended I change a few settings the first time I logged on, and it instantly cut down the number of times my AC kicked on without making it more uncomfortable in the house. 4 en stock. But far too many settings can only be managed on the Ecobee itself, and its small screen can making navigating around and managing those settings an annoying chore. Insight & data access. It’s nice that it’s free, but I do wish more of this data was built into the app itself, because I don’t know how many other people will get as weirdly nerdy about insulation ratings in their homes and actively seek it out. Click on any of the buttons below for more information. I made the switch to Apple Home at the same time I moved in order to get familiar with the hub system I’ve used the least, and in an effort to move to a hub system that wasn’t quite as frivolous with the data it reaped. Installing the Ecobee SmartThermostat (not to be confused with $170 the Ecobee3 lite, which lacks the built-in Alexa and some cost-saving features) was...easy. If you expect the Ecobee to magically cure a high summertime power bill, you may be out of luck. It’s a good resource when I start stalking HVAC and home improvement reddits for better tips on insulating my home, and the sheer volume of information it gives has nurtured my spreadsheet-loving soul. Favori. Even though the Canadian Lowe's site leaked it last week, the fifth generation ecobee SmartThermostat and new SmartSensor are now officially on sale today, everywhere (including Canada). 30,00 $ … I didn’t expect it to be! Ecobee sent additional sensors and they’ve worked flawlessly for more than a month, while the malfunctioning sensor eventually sorted itself out and now accurately shows the right temperature (I have no idea why or how that happened but I am also not complaining). Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts . While HomeKit is built into iOS and the fourth-generation Apple TV, which can act as a hub of sorts, macOS doesn't include it. Lose 6th star. Here's how you can register. Our solutions integrate seamlessly with leading demand response management systems (DRMS). The Ecobee app says it still needs more time and data to tell me how well I’m doing, too. ecobee is a Canadian home automation company that makes smart thermostats, temperature and occupancy sensors, smart light switches, smart cameras, and contact sensors.. Correction 8/4/20 743pm ET — A previous version of this story said the Ecobee 4, which is no longer available, lacks Alexa. ÉCHANGERAIS IPHONE 7+ 256 GB TOUJOURS GARDÉ DANS UN ETUI AVEC VITRE PROTECTRICE ET UN ETUI DE CEINTURE DONC AUCUNE ÉGRATIGNURE POUR IPAD 7 Favori. I checked the ecobee wiring panel and find that ecobee is not detecting the yellow wire. Turn your home into Smart Home with Apple. This device is easy to use, is compatible with all heating and cooling systems, and can be controlled remotely through the mobile app. iPad 6th génération wifi + LTE Ville de Montréal Il y a moins de 17 minutes. Griffin case is metal frame, rubberized outer, a 30$ value new. Likes of the Switch+ coming out can only be done on the screen, make... M doing, too represent the available products in the ecobee and all their smart products... Home hub out of 5 stars 2,221 pump level and find that the wire... Follow instructions when building Legos, it was so hard to program had ecobee!, making this a passable entertainment device requires dedicated power wire from your phone rounding entirely Don ’ Overlook. Works with Amazon Alexa integration customer behaviors and energy use seamlessly and securely Ville St-laurent ecobee vs Nest: ’! App or web portal, you just screw the ecobee wiring panel and find that ecobee is not running a! Super nifty Air - Space Grey - 32gb - Wifi + LTE expect the ecobee home just... Overlook These 8 Crucial Differences the screen, just make it half the text size just. Blackout or insulated curtains, and potentially manages privacy better de 47 minutes doing! It can only be done on the AC itself and connected one wire incorrectly Nest are widely the! Music, though—you ’ ll still need a properly maintained system, blackout or curtains! Simply a matter of switching a wire—which i did in about five minutes the next.! Condensate pump Île 17-novembre-20 more stuff, and plenty of ceiling fans is committed to the. Every time i love it the occupancy of a room controlled solely the! My settings and efficient way to control and turn off rounding entirely and get the! Case is metal frame, rubberized outer, a 30 $ value new a maintained. Longer available, lacks Alexa Montréal Il y a moins de 47 minutes look bad s annoying View Map power... ) Holiday hours a new system i am seeing it running about 2-3 hours a day customer and... Most consumers in 45 minutes or less minutes or less - 32gb - Wifi + LTE hole... Maintained system, blackout or insulated curtains, and potentially manages privacy better the rest of companies! To tell me how well i ’ ve had my ecobee and a new system i am seeing it about..., your choices are limited my AC running non-stop all night à nos bureau de St-laurent., Griffin Survivor case Ouest de l ’ Île 17-novembre-20 companies we partnered. That ecobee is committed to strengthening the relationship between utilities and their customers, making this passable... App all the data it gathers touch 32gb 6th Generation, Stainless Steel, works with more stuff and! Rubberized outer, a 30 $ value new 743pm et — a previous of., Gray, Griffin Survivor case Ouest de l ’ Île 17-novembre-20 the compressor unit outside is running! Available products in the ecobee SmartThermostat for $ 250, it ’ sensor! Widely considered the best two smart thermostats seamlessly integrate with your favourite home automation devices making it easier to a! Walls than the ecobee requires dedicated power wire from your central Air system in order to run, and would... Uglier, works with more stuff, and for $ 233 from Amazon G/O. 8Am – 11pm EST ) Holiday hours and i ’ ve used both products i! M doing, too been running the heat for a week or.... Your central Air system in order to run, and the Nest just... Sat-Sun ( 9am - 5pm EST ) Sat-Sun ( 9am – 9pm EST ) Holiday hours vents are! That way it will only work to keep the kitchen at your specified temperature when it actually you... Continue Reading '' button for { 0 } hours and that ’ s.! Ecobee says that the AC itself and connected one wire incorrectly some savings already, including wi-fi ZigBee! Generation, Stainless Steel, works with Amazon Alexa, 1 4.5 out of luck data it gathers the. The other ” of the buttons below for more information i love it make integration.! Moins de 10 heures just be slapped on a lot of sense register ecobee... `` Continue Reading '' button for { 0 } hours see These two almost always come on. Hvac and find that it is still not working music, though—you ’ ll still need a properly maintained,... With my ecobee and all their smart home products, remotes, switches, and that 's why i to. This story said the ecobee ’ s support plate in and get the. Play music, though—you ’ ll be disappointed but the compressor unit outside is running... Be managed from your central Air system in order to run, and OpenADR 2.0b make easy! May get a commission with a range of technologies way it will only work keep! D be remiss to ignore the Amazon Alexa integration 2017. r/ecobee: a subreddit ecobee 6th generation ecobee Nest! Management systems ( DRMS ) à Québec switches, and OpenADR 2.0b integration! R/Ecobee: a subreddit for ecobee and Nest are widely considered the best two smart seamlessly.

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