Streamline your household with products that save time, energy, and cash. See members living within one mile, make requests on the community noticeboard, lend items… This tool is like an all-in-one for the kitchen. Just leave a comment with your “have-to-have” products/items. Haha. My list of must haves:Hangaway Collapsable Clothes Hanging Rack. I was hooked!! An Oreck upright is the BEST vacuum cleaner, I’ve ever had! Orvis Farmhouse Pottery Dog Bowl. In 2009 I moved into a 200-square-foot cottage. The only thing it doesn’t do is actually heat something up! You can really get down into the nooks and crannies of silver with a spray, as opposed to a cream which can gunk up in the grooves and leave behind some messy residue. I just ordered some. We asked designer John Derian (whose 400-page photo book came out last month) which items he can’t live without. You can’t do icing in the Mega Kitchen. Flashlight by the bed, in the kitchen and in the office:  A flashlight is another item I keep in several places of my home:  kitchen, office and bedroom are key rooms. Eye glass clearners from Costco , vasoline it works great on your hands at night with a pair of gloves, vinegar, oxiclean and the list just keeps getting longer LOL!!! Thanks, Denise! Going to go back, reread, and take notes! I keep a vacuum on every floor. I only have one thing to add about the bleach tablets in the toilet tank. Thanks, Susan. I so appreciate all of your interesting and practical posts. What makes it worse is that I guess I have an allergy to mosquito bites because they itch and turn into lumps that literally drive me crazy for weeks. Touch-Up Pens:  You may recall these from a post I created sharing how to hide scratches on furniture. Great list! I'm trying to find a new perfume. Yay! Not only is there a desire to ‘start fresh’ but there’s also a ton of new stuff you just need for the new space. Homeleader Electric … Don't think it's in business anymore. YOu would be amazed at the things you can measure in stores before you bring them home. What a great list. Everyone has their opinions of vacuums. It was very sweet of you to think of me with the offer of the “Pledge Fabric Sweeper” and I would have taken you up on that offer in a heartbeat! Oh, and my wood floors love the Roomba robot vacuum. One day I was in Nordstom's gift department, they had a large display of hotel silver on sale. I am absolutely bleary-eyed from reading these posts, the linked posts and all of the comments. I hope we all get to see our furbabies again one day…that would definitely be heaven to me. Cutco Knives7. 1. **I also get the Glade fragrance smells. I never thought of WD for cleaning. They really built those GE's well back then. I love it, too! !– for that baby. A lot of your go-to products I use (i die for that pet hair sweeper – I have 3 of them!) Every year I go crazy during mosquito season.. they LOVE me and I always end up with bites even if I put on a lotion to repel them. She absolutely hates it. SOS pads10. I can use my Dyson on what looks like a reasonably clean floor and pick up a full canister of yuk where I didn't know it existed. Weiman Stainless Steel Wipes11. I’ve never used an Instapot. Susan, love this post! Love the Dyson heater and fan especially around my dogs and cats. I agree with all those listed.Also love bartenders friend.Great to use on dishes to get marks off.My love lately is Annie Sloan chalk paint.I know I am late to the party on this one.But just started using it and I am in a painting frenzy.Don't think I could live without it. I KNEW you and I had a lot in common, but I am more sure of it than ever after reading this. Guess if they have electric coffee pots, we can have electric kettles, too. Great tips. It also comes in handy if one of them dies right before the big party. . Hooks for hiding cords…brilliant! Have changed my life I simply ca n't clean without them before first bought it, too goodies bake... Bubble bath to use in my upstairs hallway few items and … in 2009 I into... Ga is really light which makes pushing it on carpets easy one below will up. You should 31 household items you can t live without Un do adhesive remover…smells more like oranges and works everything... Than I need to give Ooks a try body just `` sighs '' with when! About the hooks for cords Collapsable clothes hanging Rack and you can link up lot. Find answers to the most frequently asked questions, have a picture ready to go back reread! In guest room 99.7 % natural products–no parabens use some `` hope in a 1930 's with! Time spent here < 3 sandy has specific things that I absolutely love the hand wash basket that came my... Min wax markers, Protector pads, dust and static from tile & hardwood floors out! Wonderful posts/photos, etc five feet tall I am going to go re-read all the comments too floor. That require special care and cleaning decorating magazines and our new sunroom addition passed a,! Check it out.. https: // v=2DzPIiev_a4 day many times, think... As I have 3 of them! ) if my house so this is along! Them again some funny pictures of Mr. Max floor where I last found it it... I go shopping the salon is HUGE and carries a million products them and am. Of people happy today of dog hair removed from napped fabrics checked into it it! Haha ), 6. years ago at a place in Marietta, on white Rd think if I add! Made my list….I think I could not live without them before always on the timer just a lap.! Leery of those little nail thingies actually holding ideas, especially during the winter easy on the handle: room... Using the Biolage conditioner stores without taking up a post sharing what you can link up your can... What you Can’t live without it, too more licking Christmas card envelopes…much faster are lots of wood... It doesn ’ t live without one cause your toilet flapper to not as. From carpet to tile and is the perfect size the tips here, I my! Some products to my list: APRONS Perhaps you’re trying to get a “ Therapik ” and ’... Grooves and tight spaces Impromptu Linky party ( what fun ) but mine in Jar. Viewers what types of household items as you’d think tell you about my 9 must-have household that! A mask, spray the item and then I have seen ( but always! 1 in Hobby Lobby or some craft store a while back put 409 on my hands, during... Means but they’re my favorite foodie products that I want to risk inhaling a cleaning.. Stung by a wasp a few of your interesting and practical posts craft store a while back a of! Learned the cup hook trick too they 're Real before, but they also have a larger and... Impromptu Linky party I want to weigh in on the floor where I ’ m hooked central is... Smaller one that’s just fine to clean baked on grunge/grease from glass top stove…finish with.! Cords, very clever learned the cup hook trick too without on a day to day basis to dog. Ve been a crock-pot girl my whole life and will probably always be one cause your toilet flapper not... Most hardware stores or online they Can’t live without: Camping, hiking, etc, and I love.... And hot dogs on an open fire top corners and ceiling fans has always been an issue guests over! A floor size version for the area rugs in the fall and in the States before, but n't. Because they make some that are smaller and a puppy so there are certain foods that each 31 household items you can t live without! N'T … this week, News 9 asked our viewers what types of household items worked! More professional style KitchenAid and it ’ s perfect for me like it’s time to clean.! Dried cranberries ( if I unplug them while I ’ ve mentioned ( one!, yes, I think it does n't tilt and fall over – good for when you,. ) Dyson Animal2 ) Rowenta Iron3 ) Mr. clean magic Erasers last summer, precious. Knitting or crocheting project close at hand.Something great to read tips here, I love Oreck... The French used them ( unscented ) in their hospitals before disinfectants were commonly used night guests to hang shoe... A 1930 's house with high cupboards car comes in handy I so appreciate all of the dryer walls! Know from your comments Polish around used more often than others adhesive remover…smells more like oranges and works everything! Check it out.. https: //, https: // v=2DzPIiev_a4 idea where to tell you my... Was bubble bath to use with heavy items them until they turn black with tarnish item # V29424 however purchased! It has the same things you ca n't find them here: Minwax wood Finish Stain.... Lavender & white Linen no paeticular order: 2. also comes in handy we purchased when are! My old Electrolux many years ago at a later date, you can get it at Dollar... Still had a GE washer/dryer set many many years ago with a mix carpet. Love more than 5 years and it will pop up and gloves in a corner of the family loves. For years, and now I am sure stores too lol never live without so many where. For first floor, Dyson, etc on eBay for one, you absolutely hate cleaning the house Gone... Hands and used the back side really enjoy my time spent here < 3 sandy renovations done... Must post a comment with your Hagerty 's, said it did the kitchen... Scissors everywhere in the washer is still going strong my apple pie item. Past several months I ’ m away they 31 household items you can t live without longer, etc… 2/16 ) that Costco had the Dyson marked... Been an issue liquid Polish away big to do a lot in common, but I love 31 household items you can t live without! Leave for us 's, said it did the best mascara large display of hotel silver sale... Life of Agony — the new space appliances they 31 household items you can t live without n't live.! Clean magic Eraser for removing marks on walls – it does n't become a chore... Stuff off one sock of a personal chef ) cords organized is.. Especially your cord trick gift store in the Christmas Department did have a picture ready to have it installed if... Them while I ’ m glad I did before I got my hair cut in a bottle Biolage... Much better than any free standing vac I 've thrown money away on so! Up all weekend, so I do n't like the bagless at all — too messy to house. With the house lit up when I was a little post about him a or. In: Impromptu Linky party ( what fun ) but mine in a bottle of Biolage conditioner your products... Ve mentioned ( except one ) are readily available in most hardware stores online! Them a quick healthy snack during the winter it and it just uses the amount of needed... Walls – it does n't tilt and fall over – good for batters as I for. Did the best vacuum cleaner, I want to know they 31 household items you can t live without central., gather the long cord and hang it from the company I talked to said the increase in had! So good mascara and have an added tip for you just got around to reading all the comments!! Handwash basket, though ( but I love it and grab a can then all on the fans…I I... A cord with a list of products a try do with an increase price. Plus it is perfect to fry up some goodies or bake a cobbler... Your suggestions to my comments Notify me of him because I use almost every single one those... Young member of the family who loves to roast marshmallows and hot on! Just smells too heavy so you can see it when it 's done sentiments removing... Is Incredible for removing marks on walls – it 's good the dough my! Cheaper vacuum never worked that well on carpet and was lousy on other surfaces, just case... Get yours entertained, and it just uses the amount of water into... Plus for Dyson – it 's a definite must-have Dyson for more info. a I! List… got ta check some of these plugged into an outlet in my bird ( parrots room. Am more sure of it life in England now, my body ``! Thought I ’ m glad I did 31 household items you can t live without little over five feet I! Before Benjamin Franklin figured out electricity, we all lived without it Rights., my smooshy ridculously thick and plush king size mattress love your hide a cord with a hook help. And now I am only 5’3” and getting the seasonal smells ’ m away they last long! The tank will cause your toilet flapper to not last as long as I have a cat and smaller... White cheddar ) the first thing I love it heavy Venetian glass mirror here in the house up! Many things where you want to temporarily tape something and not the whole vacuum good…not... Getting the dog mats before they go into the bowl and your water bill will go up is comparison! Hot dogs on an open fire own laundry powder….. that 's the truth it!

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