Preview & Sneak Peek - Getting to Know You: Part One - Cedar Cove It was the network's first original scripted series. You can't leave us wondering if Paul & Olivia will end up together. Finding love with Jack adds a whole new set of challenges. Before leaving Cedar Cove, Paul asks Olivia one final question. Is their a season 4 on Netflix? Olivia is divorced from Stan, torn apart after the tragic, accidental drowning death of their son, Jordan. Cedar Cove is an American-Canadian drama television series on the Hallmark Channel that aired for three seasons from July 20, 2013, to September 26, 2015. Ask questions and download or stream the entire soundtrack on Spotify, YouTube, iTunes, & Amazon. Everyone can feel this chemistry between them and this is what makes us feel the series will get renewal.Would you like to follow the town’s life and see what more the characters are to discover? Recap - Cedar Cove Season 3 - Episodes 4 - 7. Olivia and Stan have a surviving child, Jordan’s twin sister Justine, who lives in Cedar Cove. Paul heard of the news that Olivia and Jack (Dylan Neal) have decided to move in together. CEDAR COVE - CIVIL WAR - Olivia and Jack confront each other about their trust issues and wonder if men and women can truly be just friends. Grace goes all out to … Olivia wants to know why and feels Paul at least owes her an explanation. Highlights - I Think We Both Deserve More - Cedar Cove After his noncommittal response to Grace’s wedding, Olivia tells Jack she needs him as more than just a roommate. All 6 songs featured in Cedar Cove Season 3 Soundtrack, listed by episode with scene descriptions. Plus the whole town shows up to see Grace and Cliff get married Cedar Cove style. Facebook/Hallmark Channel. Based on author Debbie Macomber's book series of the same name, Cedar Cove focused on Municipal Court Judge Olivia Lockhart's professional and personal life and the townsfolk surrounding her. ... take-charge New Yorker Paul … Olivia tells Paul that she saw Anthony, and Paul confirms the news that he will be leaving Cedar Cove. Olivia and Grace and all our favourite locals in Cedar Cove make an appearance. • Paul and Olivia – He finally admits that he is leaving town because he has feelings for her and he cannot, in good conscience, ruin her relationship with Jack and turn their lives on their ends. While he was sure about his feelings for the lady, he still considered it prudent to give her the space and time to reconcile her feelings for Jack. The fallout from Paul’s decision leads to a surprising confession that leaves Olivia with a big question to answer. 44 Cranberry Point is the fourth novel in the Cedar Cove series by Debbie Macomber. tunefind Olivia returns from her honeymoon with Jack and tries to adjust to married life. Hallmark Channel's drama series "Cedar Cove" premiered its third season last Saturday, and right away, viewers can feel tension in the air with the introduction of a new character, Paul Watson (Colin Ferguson). Olivia Lockhart (Andie McDowell) is the presiding family court judge of Cedar Cove. Engagements Olivia pressures Paul to take a chance on love while her own relationship with Jack continues to be in question. Paul (Colin Ferguson) made the decision to leave Cedar Cove shortly after he heard that Jack and Olivia (Andie MacDowell) were moving in together. Now, it appears that she has to make up her mind quickly, before Paul says goodbye to her and Cedar Cove. Jack wants Olivia to move in with him in the upcoming episode of "Cedar Cove." Olivia struggles to deal with Will's prolonged stay in Cedar Cove; Jack's promotion may put his and Olivia's relationship at risk.