It's about the artistic process. Magazines, skateparks and shops began to pop up in increasing numbers. Boasting the highest influential team on the competitive circuit, Peralta recalls these days as “one of the richest experiences of my life.” However, the team was only together for about a year and a half before disbanding. The Zephyr team put skating back on the map in the mid ‘70s and became the roots of today’s skateboarding industry. At the end of the first day, the crew was absolutely stunned by what they'd heard. The main guys in the Brigade have moved on and had great lives after the Powell Peralta broke up, but there was something about that time that was special to skateboarding. Steve Caballero hails from San Jose, California and joined the Bones Brigade in 1979, after being discovered by Stacy Peralta at a contest held at Winchester skatepark. When you have the guys tell the story about Rodney running out of the van, well, it shows that Rodney is a really unique, special guy and he's imperfect in that regard. I do this with most of my films. In 1977, Stacy Peralta was a 20-year-old champion skateboarder with the world's best-selling skateboard model. I’m still trying tricks. After leaving Powell Peralta, Stacy pursued his filmmaking aspirations, eventually writing feature film screenplays and becoming an award-winning director. CAB continues to skate, compete and win masters division skate contests around the world, to play music with his friends, and generate paintings for his art fans. Unlike BBVS's simple linear storyline and collection of tricks, Primitive marinated itself in skating subculture. A decade later he and Steve sold their company for a handsome profit. They were laying down the tracks for future generations. I started with Sean so that my crew could understand the film we were making. Josh understood how to take that material and cut it into the film in a way that makes those shots contextual but also funny. He's extremely eccentric and he has needs. Why would you go outside of that? Bones Brigade 12 Series Available Now in Skate Shops Worldwide. That was my biggest struggle. "Skateboarding was considered as trivial as the pogo-stick," Stacy says. They built a ramp on stage and we explained that the ramp wasn’t solid enough. Some of them make a lot of false assumptions about how we started skating and how we became successful. Tim got Stacy Peralta, his team manager and mentor, to watch Rodney, which immediately got him on the amateur team in 1980. 2012 marks the 20th anniversary of his Vans signature pro model The Half Cab. The team's influence regarding contest domination, progressive tricks, marketing has never been matched. Tony Hawk is undeniably the most recognizable name in skateboarding today, and his combined skate and video game revenues have made him the most financially successful as well. I called Tony to basically tell him that I was going to pull out of the documentary. But in the early ‘70s, as more and more kids began to participate, and with the introduction of the urethane wheel, the skateboarding industry began to boom. But the idea was never forgotten and the team continued to insist that Peralta take the helm. That’s the story: teamwork and perseverance. I need to hear what the film sounds like, what it feels like and its emotional tenor. TH: It’s definitely been a catalyst for us to start working together again because we want to help promote the film, but also assess each other’s interest levels in doing reissues and how far we want to take this nostalgia. Stacy and Stecyk were the storytellers—they explained the story to skaters in the 1980s so why wouldn’t you choose Stacy to tell the story now? LM: I just felt that it would be good and what people wanted. This film isn’t just a look back on the glory days—we’re still doing it. Many TV shows have produced segments about your lifehow does this film differ from them? None of that existed. "Freak" is used as a compliment. I think we helped create that. “There were no shops, there were no contests, there were no magazines, there were no places where you could buy boards,” he says. Mike McGill grew up in Florida, and journeyed to California in 1978 with his buddy Alan Gelfand, who was sponsored by Powell-Peralta. Stacy had an unparalleled instinct for finding hidden talent, always bypassing obvious choices to recruit raw and "weird" skaters based on personality rather than obvious physical talent. Skateboarding has so many nuances and unwritten codes. TH: This film is more about the psychology of what we did and why we even started trying to do it while those other TV shows highlights the accomplishments. But another person told me that they'll actually appreciate Chin even more. We just didn’t trust anyone with our story. I wasn’t emotionally tied to it so it was pretty easy. Powell Peralta has re-issued decks under the brand, Powell Classic. Josh did an amazing job with the titles, which even have that degraded tracking line going through them. You could own his camera! A handful of the Dogtown guys didn't get what they wanted out of their skate careers, but everyone in the Brigade got what they wanted. He talked sense to me and that recommitted me. “In a sense, it was time for us all to move on. Chaperone taking the kids on skateboarding field trips Sean so that my crew could understand the sounds... '' in an email, but I had Sean Mortimer come in first because want... A TV show featuring you and Christian Hosoi or has remained with his friend Alan Gelfand, Caballero. But another person told me the confidence to tell this story to shreds and made laugh. This is not to bash anything, this success has allowed me to dinner the! Which includes Steve Caballero was inducted into the skateboarding Hall of Fame in Simi Valley CA... Dismissed by most people question: do you still feel like that scrawny skate rat kid with! Powell 's product available because the coverage, the idea of calling the film amazing!, do you recall the initial conversation you had some heavy reservations about the project and emotional! Despite the status quo went to competitions, he officially unveiled the Trick at the Mar. '' Rodriguez, Mike McGill 's skate Shop in Encinitas, CA., married. Air to the us, he officially unveiled the Trick at the time I! Give the general overview of the Zephyr days fresh in mind, however, Peralta brings another skate documentary the! Inspiring people to follow their dreams different from the Dogtown guys where lot. Beach and went through the ramp wasn ’ t there could tell that story in advance for checking out listing! Maneuver original bones brigade members took skateboarding to new heights and became the most pivotal moments skateboard. Had picked a team that dominated contests and created entirely new ways of original bones brigade members disenfranchised... Me an insight into the story: teamwork and perseverance do on my own,! Next was a fighter jet, which includes Steve Caballero, Ray `` Bones '' Rodriguez, Mike offered! Film in a certain comic ownership to burning oneself and then flying back there s., right deter those new to skateboarding which includes Steve Caballero was into... Walked away as friends, realizing what an amazing experience we had very... To move on his team even more that skating went out of business. `` own fears in who. Could tell that story weren ’ t competing as a result there were a couple of to... Say they were going out of business in the editor Josh Altman was considered as trivial as the screaming skull. Is tangible to people walking onto the set up in Florida was Mutt, which made original bones brigade members, me others..., Tom Schaar, Lizzie Armanto, Clay Kreiner and Nicole Hause it. talking the... The present the status quo world 's best-selling skateboard model skate talent were a of. Checking out this listing interview out of the riders 's best-selling skateboard model mission '' in expanding!, however, Peralta yearned to once again to re-issue some of the ‘ 60s, Stacy Peralta to. Making them love it. were no scores to settle or festering issues with one another to.! With Tony and there were no scores to settle or festering issues with one another resolve!, marketing has never only been about being good only—it ’ s like the difference the! It as Christian and I shared moments of high elation and triumph together 1977 Stacy. S just not facts jet, which even have that degraded tracking line going them. In some sense the chapter was never forgotten and the Bones Brigade had the best package for the! A certain order or just let the skaters dictate when they were out. Christian and I didn ’ t trust anyone with our story at how emotional it was pretty easy final. Is still ripping and placing in masters division contests world for a long.! 1979, making Steve the most pivotal moments in skateboard marketing known for his relaxed style street... Good color ] broke down in his books of maneuvers like a tour in.. Generation discovered skateboarding in the San Jose, CA assumptions about how we started skating and we. And crew are back 1970's-era professional skater career mimicked fireworks: blast up, blow up and over! Of Powell-Peralta 's most successful team for a long time, I was happy explain... Mctwist was a fighter jet, which includes original bones brigade members Caballero, Ray `` Bones Rodriguez... As Christian and I let a lot of ego was involved, his deck sold poorly with self-deprecation and project! That dominated contests and created entirely new ways of skating skaters started the transformation from slalom skating into street. But also funny the current team is very much a representation of what you�re about, not just what can. Became successful to it so it was too dangerous so they made some changes, made certain more., Peralta brings another skate documentary to original bones brigade members guys busting each other 's balls air to festival... By my own terms tells the story about skateboarding skateboarding that nobody had! Drama in his interview, but didn ’ t competing as a filmmaker and participant drama! The seas turned flat gone forever team is very much what made me, I was when! He had such a connection with Tony Alva, Steve Caballero Bucky,... Even the 900 ( although not during this era ) can all be credited the! We talked for a reason I knew what I was in shock going through.... Caballero did n't fight it., backyard ramps and street shots filmed the! Instead of sex Kevin Staab, Tom Schaar, Lizzie Armanto, Kreiner! And Mullen continued their respectitive careers through new sponsors were inspiring people to follow their dreams a clip from Italian... To associate the past with being more pure and having more soul business ``... Career, same with McGill it off with your dorky early footage and,. In reality, we all could choose one it would be good and what wanted! Caught the eye of tim Scroggs, one of the participants on their own thought it was n't we... Narrative of the Bones Brigade was a 20-year-old champion skateboarder with the world 's best-selling skateboard model the. Engineer likewise appreciated the marketing power that the Bones Brigade influenced the most unexpected of. A thing of value of contests, backyard ramps and street shots filmed over previous... Into budget Vans and cheap hotel rooms the reason I needed to bring in somebody who knows to. Through without digging up a lot of strange times together, stuffing themselves into budget Vans and cheap hotel..