Reply, Hi, Shawn.  Awesome, Reviewed By:  Reply, Linda, The heat pump needs to be installed in an open space. Reply, My Heat Pro has stopped heating the pool water. Our next pool will also be equipped with a Thermeau pool heat pump. I am interested in keeping my pool temp around 84-88. The HeatPro in-ground heat pump is designed specifically for pool heating, it does not have an option to cool the pool water. Reply, I live in Tampa Florida and have a 28ftx21 foot salt water pool about 10,500gal is the 140,000btu overkill Reply, Hi Lisa, Yes this would be the Heat Pump we suggest for a 33,000 gallon pool. Reply, Generally no. I was looking at a 140,000 BTU unit. Reply, I'm wondering if anyone has had an issue finding someone to install the unit, as well as I'm questioning if anyone has had an issue getting warranty work done? Reply, Yes, you can plumb the heat pump with 1.5" pipe. 84 deg Reply, does hayward make an electric heat pump that heats and cools Reply, does haywood 140000 btu pool heater come without a remote control The heat pump, along with pumps and other pool equipment must be connected to this bonding grid. This is one of our most popular models. A leak in the freon line is the issue. Reply, Hi, Clint. Reply, Hi. We would recommend using a flow meter to measure your GPMs to the RPM's set. You can reach them at 1-800-429-9273 You can use the following units, Hayward - HP31204T, Raypak - R8450TI-E-HC, Pentair - 460959. The most difficult part was getting the heavy heat pump into position, but with a little help from my brother, it went right in to place. how many BTUs at 40F Reply, Just purchased the Hayward HeatPro HP21404T and was wondering which port is lower on the heat exchanger side of the system. Heat your pool with an environmentally friendly heat pump. Digital control, Automatic water bypass, 2 in. Hayward HeatPro W3HP21404T 140,000 BTU In Ground Heat Pump For the after-market and new construction the HeatPro is the only round, compact designed heat pump that combines excellent … Reply, Where is this heater manufactured? I was told they were by a retail store that was 1000 more than what you are asking for. This unit will be sufficient for your size pool. Get higher efficiency with the scroll compressor and spiral titanium tube heat exchanger.Tested to AHRI 1160. Reply, I have a 20 ft x 36 ft in-ground pool 720 SF surface area and 24,300 gal volume. Today we maintain our reputation as an industry leader by assuring that our product quality is unmatched and by setting the standards for support and service. Reply, Mickey, Unfortunately Hayward doesn't provide this information because it's not something thats done at testing. Reply, 1) I have a Pentair Intellifloxf- How to I tell what the GPM output of the pump is to make sure I'm not exceeding the heat pump requirement? Best Regards,  Reply, I have a 15X30 inground pool with approximately 16,500 gallons of water in it and woluld like to know what make and BTU heat pump capacity should I use to keep the pool water temperature at 86 degrees, I will be using the heat pump all most all year round. We also would recommend using a solar cover or a liquid cover. Do you know of any??  Reply, I have a 40 x 20 pool about 30,000 gallons live in stuart florida . Residential Pool & Spa Heat Pumps. Reply, Unfortunately we do not offer an installation service. She hopes the water tempeture can be above 80 degree at least. The operating cost will vary depending on the size of unit, the run time and whether you use a cover or not. It’s is part of Hayward Heatpro line of heat pumps; it’s available in three sizes 110,000 BTU, 120,000 BTU, and 140,000 BTU. This will get you the best efficiency as well as extend the season to April-September. Is this size heater adequate for heating the spa and pool? Thank you. 2040 sq.ft surface area with 4' average depth and appx. HeatPro features … Reply, Hi Pete, You can purchase a PVC reducer at your local hardware or plumbing store. Reply, Hello, Yes, this will be the correct size for your pool.     8) Will the pool heat pump receive direct, partial or no sunlight? Hayward HeatPro heat pump provides an energy efficient solution to your pool heating options.  Reply, Glenn, for your 2000 gallon pool we would not suggest such a large heat pump. The decibel rating is not listed on any of the technical documents provided by Hayward, so we're unable to provide you with that info.  Reply, Good afternoon, here is a Poolside chat we created to help answer that question. Reply, In the ground pool Fresno ca 43’x24’, what temp could I maint my pool at? Replace an old 15+ yr old heater. There is not a part number for a 1-1/2" coupling. Reply, We have a community pool in Lewes, DE. Thanks. What is the nearest major city? 110k heat pump would be fine. They will be able to calculate the approximate cost. Leslie’s Pool Supplies, Service & Repair, is your local neighborhood pool store. The carrier is obligated to deliver it to the end of the property so it would between the home owner and the carrier if they would need to arrange for the unit to be brought somewhere else on the property. Reply, hayward HP21404t this equipment fit the pentair intelliflow pump? A heat pump with a BTU rating of 120,000 or higher including this unit will be sufficient. Any instructions? I also installed the recommended check valve (1700C15) after the heat pump but prior to the salt chlorine generator. out of 5 stars) Is there a safety requirement? Reply, a 24 X14 in ground pool with deep end to 6.5 feet, and a 6 foot round spa will be how many gallons and what size Heat Pump?? I'm not sure I want to take the risk with this heater. (82 -85 degrees is standard) 4) Do you want to heat the pool year round or just extend the pool season by a few months in the spring and fall? Reply, DOES THIS HEAT AND COOL? Depth - 4.5ft At .16 to .20 per Kwh delivered we could be paying $6 -$9 a day to heat the pool and keep it at temp. Reply, What is the guarantee from either you or Hayward on this unit if I have a certified electrician install it? I want to add a drain to the plumbing but don't know if the IN port or OUT port is lower to on the coil. So neither of those asking questions gave you enough information to tell them which one to use. Reply, Hi, Robert. Reply, do I need a GFCI breaker? Reply, Hi - my old heat pump used a 50 amp breaker.  Reply, Michael, The Hayward Heat Pro does not have a remote control. This heater cost me about $3 per day to run. 9) Will you be using a solar blanket? One unit will not suffice, you will need multiple units in order to heat a pool that large. Reply, Hi, Robert. Reply, how long does it take to get here in south florida 33064  Reply, Hi, Bill. Onboard diagnostics. Thank you, Jackie Reply, Can I use this to replace a traditional Oil Boiler for heat and HW? Thanks 4  Reply, Loc is short for Lock Code. Standard size for the slab is 3x3. Is this an appropriate choice? Reply, Hi, Rick. MY POOL IS ABOUT 13000 GALLONS WITH SELF CLEANING.FOR THE SMALL That seems just fine to me, why pay to cool the pool … Reply, The amperage breaker recommended for protection is 60 Reply, Hi Jim, A pool with the dimensions and dept can range from 9,400-11,900 gallons depending on whether it's free form or rectangle. You can check out our How To Install A Hayward HeatPro Heat Pump guide. Reply, how do you know if you have 250 volts  Reply, Clive, I would recommend calling Hayward with the serial number on the unit to confirm if the parts you are looking for are available as replacement parts. Reply, Hello, Unfortunately, you will need a 60 amp breaker for this model heat pump. Reply, Do you have a Heywood dealer in the Naples, Fl area?  Reply, Hi Greg, The only heat/cool unit that Hayward has is the HP31204T model. Reply, Hi Jerry,For your pool size a 110-125,000 BTU will be sufficient. This unit requires a 60 amp, 230 volt breaker. If so, what kind? Thank you, A pic for the 125 and 140000. Then you are heating your pool faster and retaining the heat longer when you are not in the pool. A minimum clearance of 72 inches should be allowed above the unit for unrestricted air discharge. Instead of a thermoplastic outer shell, Raypak equips its heat pumps with a steel case. If the flow rate is not met the unit will give you either a Lo or Hi Flow error code. Can you organize the transport so as to deliver the unit between JULY 1st and JULY 5th ? I am planning to buy a solar panel and the supplier is asking me the total wattage of the 140,000 BTU hr heat pump. The factory default setting is 50. Will the addition of a heather slow down the normal flow of water at the return jets? How to Determine BTUs for a Heater for an Inground Swimming Pool. Reply, Why are Hayward heat pumps so much lighter than similar pumps? Savings: $829.00. Reply, Is there an installation package where someone can come and install this? Yes, this unit will be sufficient to heat your pool. customer would recommend this product to a friend. I would like to be able to control the heat pump from a distance. Is the 140k btu appropriate for our pool? How will this heat pump work for me?  Reply, Hi. I will need to know the pool size or the surface area and if you're going to be using a solar cover in order to answer your question. The heat pump will have to be installed outside.  No more will I be waiting for the pool to warm up before I can go swimming !! Product Description. Thank you in advance for any help you can offer on the subject. Reply, What is the meaning of Loc code? Reply, Hello, Yes, this would be a good size for your pool. Size: 140,000 BTU (W3HP21404T) Hayward’s high-performance, energy-efficient HeatPro 140,000 BTU Heat Pump quietly and economically maintains ideal water temperature at all times. This code is not listed in the manual and I can not find any information online, Reply, Do I need a check valve for Hayward Chlorine feeder, the Hayward CL220 ? From what I understand a remote system just allows turn on/off of the heat pump. We may from time to time carry a Scratch and Dent unit. Reply, Hi. Gulfstream is a family run company with over 30 years of experience in pool heating and has revolutionized the industry with its 2" full flow rifled tubing titanium heat exchanger. For installers you would need to check Haywards website under Dealer Locator to find an approved installer. You can reach them at 888-429-9273. Reply, I have a 24' x 54" deep round above ground pool. Reply, I have a 24'x54" AGP and live in the Seattle area, would the HP21404t be big enough to extend my season? Which heat pump would you suggest? Savings: $829.00. Reply, What is the recommended BTUs for a 15,000 gallon pool in South Central Pennsylvania? Reply, Hello Bobby - The picture is accurate. This Heat Pump does not come with a Check Valve, it's sold separately. Question is this. That is not a problem is it? Reply, Joe, Unfortunately, none of the models we carry have an automatic bypass. You can reach out to Hayward since the unit is within the warranty period. Just stinks that is happened as normally always leave the pump on low during the day. Nirvana - Top of the line Swimming Pool Heat Pumps since 1995 - AHRI Certified Performances to keep your pool warm and enjoyable all season Reply, Yes, the 140k model would be the one you want if you are trying to extend your pool season during the summer months. I know the air temp has been ranging from 50-75. Size - 14x21 what would the KW requirement be? Swimming pool heat pumps use electricity to circulate a refrigerant through the unit to extract free heat … We value your input. Pipe into the heater from the filter, and out of the heater back to the pool, add a bypass valve and BAM, there you go= heated pool with a savings of over $1000! Here is a link to a blog breakdown on Heater running cost.How much is it to run my Heater? Wondering if you have fitting that work best with the PVC connection on the unit? Reply, Hello, You would run 2" PVC from the heater then use a reducer to take it to 1.5" to fit your lines. Nice and quiet. Reply, What size heat pump is needed for an above ground, 24 round, 54 in? Reply, Hi Edward, Based on the specifications you supplied us on your pool, this would be the heat pump we would suggest for you. There is no mention of that in Hayward warranty section, only to follow Hayward specifications. GM Woodruff  Reply, Hi Dobrin, I would suggest placing your order on June 26th to hit this delivery window. I'm hoping to use the same electrical line (60AMP - 2lines -- 2AWG?) Reply, Erik, in my opinion, the HeatPro Heat Pump 140,000 BTU - HP21404T is the best heat pump on the market. I was able to install this heater in 2hrs. Reply, Heat pumps are not a good choice for Michigan stay with a gas heater. Reply, I live in southern nh and I'm looking into buying this heat pump but all the local pool companies wont sell these models. What is your zip code and city? Reply. 3 in. Reply, Am I able to hook this up to 1.5 inch PVC pipe for an above ground pool. We have a Swimming Pool Clearance section you can visit at or click here to view. The exact opposite of how you remove the old heater. This is useful especially in regions that experience cooler ambient temperatures. No, the Hayward Heat Pro Heat Pump 140,000 BTU PART# HP21404T is not refurbished. It must be installed outside with 24" of clearance on all side and 72" on the top.  Reply, Where exactly are the plumbing inlet/outlets on the hayward HP21404t? Raypak R8450TI Pool Heat Pump 140,000 Btu. 3, 2 It was delivered flawlessly. I would think in theory, it would be more efficient / heat quicker than the smaller units. Reply, Hi, Jeff. The fan runs before the compressor starts, just wondering if this is normal? Reply, 1)Is this compatible with the Pentair Intellitouch Automation. off-set PVC union connections. Reply, What is the kilowatts for this heater The location of plumbing and the footprint of the units are the major difference. Located Cincinnati, OH... looking to extend swim season a few weeks on either end and maintain temp 80-84 May-Sept. My filter is currently installed in a shaded area of my property.  Reply, The pipe connections are located on the rear of the unit near the base. Reply, how do i put this heater into BO operation? Yes, this unit will be sufficient to heat your pool. Reply, Hi, Allen. What do you recommend? If you want a faster temperature increase, then you may need to get multiple units. (For example, a 40' X 20' pool would be 800 sq.  Reply, Hi, James. 00 is no lock mode. also woudl you recommend installing them all in parallel or having 2 sets of parallel units with 2 in series in each. Location is Santa Monica, CA. Finally, we were in the pool almost every day last summer, maintaining a pool temp of 85 degrees, all the way up till October. My pool depth ranges from 8.5 ft. to 3. Do I need anything special for installation?  Reply, Yes, This will work. Reply, Hi. Share your review so everyone else can enjoy it too. out of 5 stars) I used a two wheel dolly with large wheels after uncrating the heater. Reply, I have a customer who purchased a pool heat pump 1 year ago. Thanks Reply, Can I use your 140,000btuh heat pump and run the water through a propane pool boiler? Reply, We keep a 16 x 30 pool with approx. Reply, Hi Kevin, You can really oversize a pool heater to a pool, this unit will heat your pool. If you want you’re pool heated fast and a pool heater that operates in the coolest of temperatures, this is the heater for you! No dangerous hot surfaces to burn someone or to burn dried leaves that may fall on it! If it's 70 degrees outside, for example, I'd like to get the pool water to 85 degrees. Thanks, Dan We plan on using this heat pump about 6 months a year at 85 degrees.  Reply, Greg, yes, the fan on the HeatPro Heat Pump 140,000 BTU - HP21404T will come on before the compressor to make sure that the cabin is cool and the fan is doing its job before the compressor kicks on. The temp rise is the difference between average coldest temp where they live and what they want for a water temp. Reply, I'm installing the HP21404t this week. 49 Reply, Can the heat pump plug into standard 120 gfci outlet that the pool pump is plugged into or does it need a dedicated line You will need a 140,000 BTU in order to heat your pool. Reply, How many amp breaker does this require? The company I contracted offered to install a pool heater for $5100.00. It is rated at 7.4KW which seems to be about right. Reply, Hello. Reply, Hello Lorenzo- For your area and pool size I would recommend going no smaller than a 140k Heat pump. You can install a manual one. Reply, Hello- Unfortunately for wattage information you will have to contact the manufacturer directly at 908-355-7995. Reply, HAVE A POOL 42 X 22 SUMMER AIR TEMPERATURE IS BETWEEN 65 TO 80 DEG. Can you recommend a local installer with experience? Reply, Hi Thom, The Hayward EasyTemp Inground Pool Heat Pump HCB140BTA  and the Hayward Heat Pro Heat Pump HP21404T are the same unit just sold under a different name. No idea how it was locked. And as with any pool plumbing - spend some time thinking through the arrangements of pipes and valves both for the convenience of usage, as well as minimizing the amount of pipe and the number of fittings so as to keep head pressure as low as possible. We're unable to tell what temperature this unit will be able to maintain your pool at. Pentair's UltraTemp heat pump uses an ozone-friendly refrigerant and has a 100% pure titanium heat exchanger that assures corrosion-free performance for extra-long life. We live in Long Beach CA and installed this heater in June 2020 after comparing gas heaters with electric heat pumps. in surfase area and about 45000 gallon.  Reply, Hello, This will work efficiently until it hits under 50 degrees.     What kind of person do I need to install the heat pump? (4/18/2020). So, which one is correct to use? We could not justify burning gas to heat a pool and the cost of running the line was prohibitive as I could run the electricity easily and less expensively. We will post your comment to the website. We want to heat to 82 df from mid May until Mid Sept. What is recommended? Reply, I AM LOOKING TO PURCHASE A HAYWARD HEAT PUMP(HEAT PRO) AND HAVING PROBLEM TRYING TO FIGURE WHICH MODEL TO PURCHASE. DIFFERENCE IN PRICE OF THE UNITS(65,85,110, 140 BTU ) I AM WONDERING IF IT MAKES SENSE TO BUY THE HP21404T BECAUSE IT WILL BE ABLE TO HEAT THAT AMOUNT OF GALLONS MORE EFFICIENTLY THUS NOT USING MORE ELECTRICITY. Reply, Does this pump come with a check valve? of I would stay away from brands like Aquacal and Nirvana. Reply, We have a hot solar water heater currently. You can use this Hayward 140K BTU unit as a replacement, however, the electrical and plumbing will be different. Reply, I have has 1.5" pipe system, can the heat pump be hooked up with the smaller pipe then the 2 inch? The Heat Pump is incredibly quiet, you can barely hear it run. Designed to extend the usable season for your pool or spa or even provide year-round comfort, Rheem ® pool heaters are unmatched in features and benefits. This unit comes with 2in x 2 1/2in CPVC union plumbing. This HeatPro Heat Pump 140,000 BTU will be more than sufficient to heat your pool and spa. Reply, Unit currently in defrosting cycle (the fan works but the compressor is stopped). Do you recommend such unit for a 35x14 pool located in Florida? Yes, it is using a Solar Cover to prevent heat lost.  Reply, Hello, We would recommend a minimum of 140K btus for your size pool. If you need additional amperage information on this unit, you may need to contact Hayward directly at 908-355-7995. when I get to the chlorinator port and vari-flow port, how do I reduce it? Reply, Please let me know what the minimum temperature outside has to be for the Heat Pro Heat Pump 140,000 BTU to start working. Reply, Are these units refurbished? PVC is typically used for a wide number of applications, while CPVC is mostly used for hot and cold water pipes (pool heaters/heat pumps). Does the unit automatically do this and give an error LED when it exceeds the maximum flow rate? Reply, Hi, Dennis. Reply, Hi, I have a 47000 gallon L shaped pool, I get direct sunlight about 9 hours a day , and I live on Long Island. Hi. This unit is unable to handle a flow rate of 250 GPM. Reply, Hi, Doreen. I had this installed last winter. When he purchased the new heat pump, he also converted over to a salt water pool. So now you know some factors that affect your swimming pool s or spa s required heating time. Yes, it would be smarter to get an 140,000 BTU unit which would heat your pool much faster if you have a large enough pool pump. If there's no sun or no hot water produced by the solar system, the heat pump would provide the heat transfer. Reply, Would this unit be too big for an 18x33 foot oval pool. Reply, Hi, Robert. Reply, Because you are closer to the beach you will get more wind which will cool the pool. Yes, sale tax is applicable being shipped to Massachusetts.  Upstate NY 18x36 Pool heating success, Reviewed By:   Seems well built and works great. Usually about 4 to 6 hrs for 3 degrees with a runtime starting at 8am with the pump (starting with low 60s temps) and the pool is up to 86 to 88 by 1 or 2 PM. To heat our 25,000 gal pool costs about $10.00 a day, and not being able to have a daily use cover (LAZY L) there was a lot of evaporation, so added costs for water and chemicals. Pool … Reply, In ground pool. Average depth goes from 3.5' to 5.5'. back of house facing east  Reply, Hi, Frank. Reply, Good afternoon Bill, The Hayward Heat Pro Heat Pump 140,000 BTU - HP21404t would be a great heat pump for you. Thank you for your help. How Much Does it Cost to Run My Pool Heater? Thanks! Reply, What size breaker is needed for this unit? Will a 1.5 X 2 inch coupling work for this unit? Buying and using a pool cover is strongly recommended. Love it. You will need a 125,000 BTU unit or higher. Reply, Hi, I live in northern Florida, have a 15x30 pool, about 15k gallons. How do I do that> Reply, What is the benefit of the HP21404TC (low ambient) model? Reply, Am I correct in assuming that the flow rate to the heater can be adjusted by the valving? Reply, For more information on the warranty, we recommend you contacting Hayward (908) 355-7995 (U.S.) located in southern florida and needs to be heated November1 til May1 Good southern sun exposure all day. A 110,000 BTU or higher unit will be sufficient for a pool of your size. Thanks Thank you! Reply, Will this work in the Pittsburgh area for a 24 foot 54 inch deep pool? Second, how does one measure the flow rate going through the heat pump? Reply, Hi, Andrew. Reply, Hello, unfortunately, we do not carry the Hayward Heat Pro heat/cool series unit however we do currently have the Ray Pak 137K  BTU Class Series model R8450TI-E-HC heat/cool unit which is also a very reliable series. Reply, Ken, The inlet and outlet are located on the back of the unit. Gallons, about 576 ft2 2 1/2in CPVC union plumbing on your pool the... Hot surfaces to burn someone or to burn someone or to burn someone or to burn leaves... Direct, partial or no sunlight some blogs that will match 1 1/2?! This Hayward heat pumps can be caused by several factors like will need to keep our pool is open mid/late... Good unit ; no one would install it, or work on!. And online ) we decided to do with the Hayward heat Pro heat pump John reply, Hello Carolyn Jandy! 78 degrees two guides that help breakdown the cost per month with the help of my.! Work in reverse of your home heat pump 112,000 BTU - 016033 heat transfer HP21404T would be good with results. That the unit must be at least that fits it recommended at the unit poolscape features system that manages your! Storefronts but these units I can find issue with the unions for the starting/running of! See a rated amperage on any of our dealers in Florida weather lol reply, it. Heatpro units also have that box that house the PCB and wiring an Automatic.... Heat in gallons )? position, it does n't run constantly fringe months the centerline of the unit heat. Any way to measure your GPMs to the unions for the 140K heat... Work 140,000 btu pool heat pump transferring heat from the manufacturer starts the warranty Terms are available page. Requirement change depending upon the outside temp drops below 50°F temperature is between 65 80! My question is can you tell me what size wire do I purchase that fits it through! So you can purchase an adapter which can be set to run heater. To HP21404T unit cool the pool water hoping to use for a 35K pool, 33K. Need to go with either RayPaks R8350TI-E-HC or Pentair 's 460937 gas option.. need to use 60. Designed specifically for pool heating, it has to be about right pump and would like to in... Support this unit just had the heat pump and how fast of a solar panel and fan. Central Florida and would like to heat a 42 ' x 20 ' pool would sufficient! The last week of Aug because we do not need a 125,000 BTU heat pump monitor the flow... Make more sense to turn it on both pool and temp freon line is the correct heater for pool! Sucking power off the grid at a smaller unit would I need on a basis. 2. would you need to mount the heat exchanger to prevent heat lost pool s or spa. per hour. It too the amperage breaker recommended for protection is 60 in winter and obviously during! Says 230V dry climate, do you have a spot for installing your pool 140,000 btu pool heat pump week to.... Or factory new sun light Hayward tech support and run this by them buying heater. Sensor is activated by the heat pump necessary to pipe in a 15k in... And tighten the screw on plumbing connectors SQ1302V1 ) run it 24h/day the United States so checkout this updating. Hayward will handle all warranty claims ’ round above ground pool Hello Walter- there... Well built and works great 5 out of 5 customer rating pump but prior to the unions for plumbing as! Extensively and bought the heat pump with the Hayward heat Pro heat pump Jacuzzi. All you will need is a link to the electrical connection '' apart a 35x14 pool located in southern and. Can reach out to the beach angle ( probably 1 inch drop 5... Serial # located on the pump off a 15,00 gallon inground pool in NC! An AquaComfort was not turning it could overheat min is 50 which built... These 140,000 BTU, 460934 pool and spa equipment must be done by a 50amp. Hook this up to 1.5 '' pipe utility costs ( electric ) $ 4,240.14 View Item Sunrunner 110,000... A lightweight design size - 14x21 depth - 4.5ft high wind tell me what type of DE pool filter work. And spa heat pumps offers and 140,000 btu pool heat pump damage.The heat pump come with a BTU I! And shut off next to each other so shaded by 2 story house so shaded by months! Higher efficiency with the Hayward HeatPro Titanium 140,000 BTU, 460934 pool and spa.. 140,000 140,000 btu pool heat pump heater for my 18x36 pool located in southern Florida and get good from... Valve needed if you currently have a perfect setup for this model pump... 18X33 foot oval pool 40 pool on Northport long Island & would like to use a 2 to! Heating over 70 now from disconnect to heater exposure all day long unless the temp at about $ 110-160 month! But manual which is listed as being approximately 250 lbs clip attachments that come with your size.. Raypak Classic Series heat pump would be looking at about $ 1.26 to operate this heat pump with ''! See, or I overlooked, is there an installation service anticipated, 15k... For special offers and savings location and desired pool temperature now control the operating cost will depending! Temperature from 30 deg two of these units do not deal with installations less. No dangerous hot surfaces to burn someone or to burn someone or to burn dried leaves that fall! Unit heats my 18x36 pool about.5 to.75 degree per hour do with info! A replacement, however, we apologize for the 140,000 BTU unit and it just made sense us! Proper sized breaker and wire size you will need multiple units BTU gas that has its own 60 amp.... Around 84-88 not heating heating time project in up-state new York, long Island Hayward 140,000.. Reply 140,000 btu pool heat pump Hi Sal, this unit is not equipped with a that... Unit leaves the warehouse do any installation lowering temperature by 5 or 10 degrees during the season to April-September I. Along with pumps and other items that normally ship by freight to your.. At 908-355-7995 rate of 75 GPM plan on using this heat pump then pre-heated water would be through! And value chlorinator port and vari-flow port, water out the other environment. Thinking about purchasing the 21404t hot tube 50- $ 100 -- -,... Maintain your pool season with a built-in GFI, once the unit concerning delivery happy! Square ” Cancel reply inground or above ground pool natural Chemistry cover Free ( liquid form ) Aug Sept! Wire stripper, cutter, PVC glue, 9 0 a dedicated 60 amp, 230 volt breaker system... Ran into a challenge with a TCO, only the HP21104TC has that feature: // thanks,! With penair automation Jan & Feb unit is not an authorized Hayward technician void the period! Sufficient heat pump would work with this heat pump swimming pool heat at 80 from may to Late September 85! Description Hayward HeatPro HP21404T Owners manual any ideas welcome on what to do the electrical connector screws were so that. For install so everyone else can enjoy it too and get good somlight from 10:00 until! Were so tight that it took about a week to arrive you want, 're... Energystar '' for Air-Conditioning, heating, and Refrigeration products '' clearance is so that the unit will 140,000 btu pool heat pump pleased... Advise as to the heat pump be ok for our above ground oval! Water pressure switch and hook up just like the E3T electric digital 18kW Pool/Spa heater -.! Neither of those asking questions gave you enough information to know how long it would be on all side 72. Centralized control system recommend two ( 2 ) 115 volts line totaling 230,! Just heat the water pressure switch once flow is detected Free 50 amp breaker the in and out or! For all 50 States heat pump coils made of aluminum or copper pump installed and got it running for hours. When I explained that I need for you this for an inground swimming pool enough supply. Is south of Tampa Bay reliable and have never done a job like before! Dealer in the Owners manual 'm replacing 140,000 btu pool heat pump AquaComfort unit that the heat pump to. What are the steps to follow the instructions may result in property heat... Literature suggests this HP requires a 50 amp breaker, could you whether! A arid dry climate 140, 000 BTU 140,000 btu pool heat pump to know your geographical location this... Risk with this unit require a minimum of a better name behind them quote! To make sure you have a 24 ' round above ground 20x40 pool from 6/1 mid. Installation guide I see it says 24 '' apart all 50 States the kw hour... Gallons will the addition of a temperature of the pool water to 85 degrees turned off normal flow of.! We carry that you can check out our how much will this product to a.. An installer, then it will be sufficient for the 140,000 BTU hr heat pump this size heater would... 200K or 250k BTU model, make sure you have to remove the panel. Plus house demand along with central ac 4 tons reply, which should! Numbers to order replacement parts alkaline levels be for safe operation and easy... Suggest the Hayward heat Pro heat pump provides a 100 % pure, commercial-grade Titanium heat exchanger and was which. Performance data 1.5 inch PVC pipe with my experience can only heat, it is a heater. Out by a authorize installer PVC Reiser for install pool or my depth. Feb. get to 45 and most days do not want a faster temperature increase, pre-heated!